How to Solve Equations of the Form "AX=BX=0"

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Solving equations of the form AX=BX=0 will require you to examine the equation and figure out what sets it to zero. Solve equations in the form of AX=BX=0 with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Ryan Ault. I'm a physicist and this is how to solve equations of the form AX=BX=0. Writing it down, A times x equals B times x equals zero. Now the obvious first solution is seeing it's imagined by examining the equation and finding what actually sets it equal to zero. So if you look at these two terms we find that when x is equal to zero the left hand or the center equation is equal to zero. So x equals zero is one solution. Now the other solutions can be found similarly but it depends on the amount of A and B. So if we examine these two it depends on the ratio of A and B. So if A equals B then x has solutions for any valid number. For instance if A and B are equal you have A times x equals B times x. And since they're equal we can cancel them and we find x equals x. So this equation is valid for x being on the set of all real numbers. In fact it probably, if you examine imaginary numbers it works as well. In this case x is on the set of all possible. This is how to solve equations for Ax equals Bx equals 0.


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