How to Water a Topiary

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Topiaries are made out of all sorts of plants including olives, junipers and more. Find out how to water a topiary with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Nicholas Staddon. I'm with Monrovia. Today, we're going to talk about how to water a topiary. Topiaries are made out of all sorts of plants. Olives, junipers, capresses and others. This plant is a juniper spartan and is being pruned in to a really interesting shape called a forenzi. It's actually named after an Italian town. Topiaries live very, very handsomely in containers but it's really important to get the watering right. So the first thing you do is test the moisture level. Mustn't be too dry, mustn't be too wet. Just maybe a little bit on the damp side. Now this plant I can feel is dry. So there's a couple of ways that you can water. One you can actually do it with a hose pipe but make sure that at the end of the hose you've got something that will stop a blast of water like a sprinkler head. This is a great way to water. Or you can use a watering can. Now I like to use a watering can because a lot of people fertilize through a watering can. They'll use a special type of fertilizer, mix it in to the water. It's a pretty fast acting fertilizer. And this plant is in a pretty big container so I know this plant is probably going to take about a gallon or a gallon and a half. Now during the warm weather I'm probably going to have to water this container maybe once every four or five days. During the winter months when it's much. much cooler, maybe once every seven, once every ten days. If it's raining outside, you certainly don't need to worry about watering at all.


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