How to Take Care of Outdoor Potted Plants Over Winter

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Taking care of outdoor potted plants over the winter is something that you would want to do by leaving them out on a patio. Take care of outdoor potted plants over the winter with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Nicholas Staddon with Monrovia. Today, we're gonna talk about how to take care of outdoor potted plants over winter. So all of us have potted plants on the patio, and if you don't, now's the time to start. They're very easy to look after in the winter time, and we're gonna show you how. Depending where you live in the United States, dictates what you do with them. If you're in the warmer regions, California, Florida, the southern part of America, you're gonna leave them out on the patio. You'll ease back on the watering a little bit and certainly stop fertilizing, because they need to go into a little bit of a dormant stage. If you're in the Rocky Mountain region, the Midwest, the east coast, then these plants need to be put indoors. If you're lucky enough to have an atrium, or a sun room, that's a perfect place to put them. If you don't a garage works equally as well. Keep them a little bit on the moist side, and the finger test is the best way to do that. Touch the soil. You can feel whether it's moist or not. Don't fertilize, because we want these plants to go through a little bit of a dormant stage. Don't worry if they turn a little bit yellow and lose some of their leaves, but once they're outside again, they'll soon perk up. Get them back on a regular watering cycle, regular fertilization, they'll quickly grow through this.


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