How to Raise Azaleas

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Raising azaleas will require you to make a number of important considerations, including with regards to how much sunlight they will get. Raise azaleas with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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This is Nicholas Staddon with Monrovia. Today, we're going to talk about how to raise azaleas. Azaleas are marvelous plants that can be grown in many different regions of the United States. Today we're going to tell you how to raise them. Raising azaleas is a little bit like raising your children. No two are quite the same. And when you're looking at azaleas to purchase, some require shade, some require sun. So look at the tag, get the advice of your local nursery expert. But you know what, they're very responsive to the minimal amount of care and attention. You dig the hole about twice the size of the root bulb. Make sure that you mix some great acidic mulch with your native soil, very important. Nice, organic soil. That's going to contain nutrient and also when the roots come out from the azalea they will recognize it. You can also use a fantastic product called coco core. This is actually a compressed coco core. If you get one of these blocks at your local nursery, soak it in water for a couple to three days and it will quadruple or sextruple in size. It's absolutely great. Mix that also 50 50 with your soil. Always be sure to use a little bit of fertilizer, slow release and this really ensures the plant to get a great start. Once you've got your plant in the ground, have a little well around it and that's what you will put your water in to. Most azaleas like to be just a little bit on the moist side and then you can put a little bit of bark mulch to hold the moisture in there around the plant. Or if you're in the southern part of America, with some of the azalea varieties you can also use pine straw which is very, very popular down there. Now if you're in the colder regions of Americas, there are other types of azaleas called exberries. And the principle really is pretty much the same.


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