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Landscaping shrubs and trees is something that you can do to help with the foundation of your entire yard. Landscape shrubs and trees with help from an experienced professional gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Nicholas Staddon. I'm with Monrovia. Today, we're going to talk about how to landscape with shrubs and trees. Designing a garden is a lot of fun. Sometimes you will bring in a professional if you are like myself you will do it on your own but it's really important to know some basic rules of engagement. Key points of a garden, when you are designing the garden, every garden has bones. These are the foundation plants of the garden whether it's a small, medium or large size garden and one of the biggest set of bones that you can have in the garden are trees. Trees fulfill fabulous functions, depending on the varieties you buy, they can be flowering trees, they can be fruit trees, they can be shade trees, they can be purple leaf plums ornamental trees for shade that you and your family can have picnics underneath that can provide windbreaks, that can provide food and nesting cover for all sorts of birds and animals. The shrubs in a garden are absolutely key. This is a fantastic Juniper called Sea of Gold, probably gets about three to four feet high and about six to seven feet wide. This gold color is critical in a garden because it draws the eye, especially if you have an area that might be a little bit boring. For the shade areas, the dapple shade areas, Hydrangeas are an absolute must. Depending on the soil you have, if you have acidic soil they are going to be blue. If you have alkaline soil, they are going to be pink and you can change the color on them with a product called Aluminum Sulfate and Hydrangeas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and forms. They are magnificent. Lavenders for that herb garden or maybe as an edging to the vegetable garden, they are super. You can get early, mid and late season bloomers or you can actually harvest the flowers and make potpourri out of them. Ground covers. I've used one example of ground cover, this is a Euonymus called Emerald Gaiety. It's a low variety, a variegated leaf but in the wintertime, takes on a wonderful purple color. It's absolutely unique and then finally, the Punica. This is Punica Granatum Nana. This is a dwarf Punica. You can see the flowers and you can see the small fruits. So have fun when you are deciding exactly what to put into your garden whether it's trees or shrubs.


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