How to Do a Blowout

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Wen doing a blowout, you're going to want to make sure you condition your hair properly before the process begins. Do a blowout with help from an experienced hair professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holley Primm with Primm and Proper Hair Designs. And I'm going to show you how to do a blowout. O.k., so after you wash your client's hair, you're going to make sure that you condition it really well and get all the tangles out with a comb. You're going to need a good size brush whichever length of hair that the client has. If it's longer of course, use a bigger size brush. So, you're going to go straight from ear to ear, and you need a couple of clips. And just kind of pull her hair up like that. You don't need to get the front section necessarily, and you start to blow-dryer. So, you take a blow-dryer and point it a little bit above the hair and go along with it. You don't want to go against the hair like this because it'll show you your frizz and make the hair kinky or bigger than what the client wants. So, you just want to get it at the root of the hair, just to give it that little bit of lift. Angle the brush and the hair the opposite direction when you're doing the crown. So, that way you get that lift. And when you reach about this point, you grab the hair and you turn it around to get it to curl under. You can even it to cool it off a little bit and it'll hold the curl and smooth it out a little bit. And let it down like that. So, you want to pull it right behind the ear when you reach the front. And kind of depending on what they want to do, if they want it more back out of their face, you go this way. And if they want it more round, then you go this way, you can hold it like that. Or you can hold it straight down like this, or you can hold it like that. Anyway your wrist is comfortable. And you want to kind of just bring it around, whatever you do, you can even spin it a little bit, just to give that extra bit of hold. So, we're starting on the other side and it usually takes about, maybe 20 minutes to do, somebody that has a little thicker hair, longer hair. And about 15 minutes to do her hair. So, for the front part, you just want to kind of take a little of the section like this. And kind of angle it back a little bit, so that way she has a little bit of a poof. You don't even have to tease it, if you put that uplifting foam in there. And then, for the bangs, you want to take a little bit of section right here because her hair is going that way to the left. And you take the hair brush like this, and you go backwards and around. And what this does is, it creates a swoop bang. And she's got a longer bang, so it actually helps kind of control where her bang's going, see, like that. And so this is the finished product, pretty much it. Hi, I'm Holley Primm with Primm and Proper Hair Designs and I just showed you how to do a blowout.


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