How to Do a Side French Twist

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Doing a side French twist will require a comb and a few other key tools. Do a side French twist with help from an experienced hair professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holley Primm with Primm and Proper Hair Designs. And I'm going to teach you how to do a side French twist. So, what you're going to need is a comb, a couple of clips, maybe like a working spray or a soft to medium hold, and some pins. So, what you're going to do is, section off some pieces from the ear, forward. You can even just lay them forward like that. We're going to start teasing from the top of the head and just take the smaller part of the comb and just tap it down. Don't pull it out like this. Just go down and push it in, almost like you're packing it down. So, just keep it like that. So, I decided just to go from here, just to give her just a medium poof at the top. We don't want to make her too poofy. So, you want to spray the roots, just the roots with hairspray, bringing it all down. Take a little bit of that hair you sectioned off at the beginning. And you're just going to take it around that way, it's a little bit of a smoother look. Just enough to where to cover sup that tease. And pull it around the front. And then, take the comb, the wider part and start pushing it around to the side that you want to do the side French twist. You're going to take your working spray, spray it all over. Take your comb, start pushing the hair over to the side that you want to do this French twist. Grabbing it with your left hand or whatever your dominant hand is. Make sure everything's smooth. Take your hands, start twisting it from the bottom of the nape. And don't worry about bumps right now, all the way up to the top and just keep twirling it up, keep it real tight. And then, take the rest of that hair, curl it around, tuck everything under. Grab your bobby pin, pull it in this way and in this way. So, if there's a little bit of a bump right here, you just want to take a bobby pin and just open it up some, and just stick it right in the middle. So, that way this kind of smooths down a little more. When you take the hair from both sides, you can do a number of things with it. You can make it another design like that or you can curl it, swing it around for some sort of, like romantic look, each piece, or just do all in one. We're going to take all the hair and smooth it over without her bangs. So, separate the bangs and take all the hair and just kind of smooth it over, till it all kind of fits. And when you do that, you just want to kind of pull it around and in, just like you just did with the all that hair there. If you have a little bit of this from pulling the side around., don't worry about that. Because you're going to take this hair, smooth it out, pick out the bangs, and sort of twist it back. Sometimes I like to double it like that, if there's too much hair and kind of pinning it inside. So, we're just going to take the spray and just kind of get rid of those flyaways there. And you're just going to kind of twirl it around. You can pinch this side to make sure it's secure, put a bobby pin straight in, and kind of hide that later, but. And then, putting one over here, wherever it needs it, wherever you see the little flyaways popping up. And there is your French twist. Hi, I'm Holley Primm with Primm and Proper Hair Designs. And I just showed you how to do a side French twist.


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