Christmas Table Decorations With Fruit & Nuts

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Christmas table decorations with fruit and nuts will bring a great deal of festivity to your home all throughout the holidays. Find out about Christmas table decorations with fruit and nuts with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Krayl Funch and this is Christmas table decorations with fruit and nuts. These decorations can be used on your table as well as on a mantle, or an entrance way table, anywhere that you really like to bring a little bit of a festive feeling to the season to your home. We're gonna start off with a large cylinder, a large glass cylinder, it can be a vase, it can be any shape. This is almost like a hurricane, and we're going to put in a small candle stick holder, in there, just place that right in the center, and that's gonna allow your candle stick to show through. Alright, so we're gonna start off. I like to start with some of the cranberries, chestnuts, clementines, as well as star anise. And, that brings a little bit of a little star, and it'll bring a nice little scent also, to that space. So, starting right off, we're gonna put in the cranberries. I like to make a small base around the bottom that the clementines are going to sit on, and you can just level that out, that way you get the red in there, and then maybe, five or six of these small clementines. If you have larger ones, you may use fewer, but I think about five or six will fit in here. And, don't worry about making them too perfect 'cause the chestnuts and then the additional cranberries are going to fill in nicely, so it doesn't have to be perfect. Now, I am using chestnuts, but you can use mixed nuts, walnuts, this time of year you can really find some great varieties of nuts in your grocery store or in your local farmer's market. So, make sure to check those out for what you can add variety. And, some of those brazil nuts are great. Okay, so we have the nuts in there, and then go ahead and layer another layer of the cranberries on, even those out. Just make sure you didn't drop any cranberries in the candle stick, and then, also, drop in the star anise. Again, this'll add a really nice smell, as well as different texture to the look. Alright, and then, go ahead and place your candle stick. You could use red, green, white, whatever color goes with your décor. Now, depending on the size of your candle stick, you may need to use a little of this Stick-um product, which is great, and it's a little decorator's tool, and then, that'll help keep your candle stick straight.


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