How to Decorate Christmas Swags

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Decorating Christmas swags is something that you can do to add a little pizazz to the front door of your home. Decorate Christmas swags with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Krayl Funch and this is how to decorate Christmas swags. Christmas swags are a very easy way to decorate your front door as well as different places in your home. So today what I'd like to talk to you about is decorating the back of your chair with a swag. Now creating Christmas swags you can obviously go and purchase them but if you have some foliage outside your house, feel free to go out there and clip a couple bows off and create your own. Now I went out and clipped these magnolia leaves and branches and so you want to get about maybe a foot to two feet long and that will give you a good base to start your swag. So if those are your base, you just want to group those together and then I also like to mix in herbs. So I have some eucalyptus as well as fresh rosemary. Now these are great and you can just go ahead and get a bunch of them and again, you may be able to get them out of your back yard or you may be able to go to your florist or your local farmer's market to find these pieces but all of them should be fairly readily available. Now these rosemary sprigs are amazing so and they have such a great great smell. Go ahead and layer those together and there's, you don't have to be perfect with this, okay it's going to look great. Just do your best and group them together. This is again a little bit more of a natural look so it doesn't need to be perfect. So now that we have the layout that we like, we're going to use this green floral wire and this is readily available at a craft store or again if you have to go to your florist then they should have it. I'm going to say pick up or cut off maybe about a good foot and most kitchen cutters or you can get a clipper that you use to cut the bows with and that should cut the floral wire. Now just start to wrap them around this center here okay getting in between the magnolia leaves, winding it around. Now what I do suggest is leaving a little hook on the back and that will help you to hang it on if you want it to use on your front door or also in this case we're going to attach the ribbon to it. Now you can see I wrapped them around and now we are on the back side and then just spin this around so that it tightens up and create a little bit of a bow just with the ends and that's just a little tiny loop so that you can slide your ribbon through. So now you can see that that will hold itself together. We have the ribbon in the back. Now to actually add a little bit more interest to this, you can go ahead and find some of these, I picked up this really great unfinished pine wooden sleigh. So I think that's cute, super adorable and then some initials. So if you are going to use these on the back of the chairs, you can also use them almost as place settings and people know where to sit. Now these two can be attached together and then hung on. Now again you can use a little bit more of the wire to attach those to your swag, just cutting off a real small piece and then what we're going to do is cut the ribbon so that we know how much we need to go around the chair. Now measure the distance from the back of your chair down maybe about three or four inches and that's how much you're going to need of the decorative ribbon. I love to use a really wide ribbon, this ribbon is a nice two and a half to three inches wide and for most chairs you are probably going to need a good two to three feet because I like to leave a little bit of it hanging down. So go ahead and you can measure or you can take it over to your chair and actually demonstrate it there, cut it a little bit of an angle and then start to wrap this around. Now remember you left a little bow in the back and you can tie that around it as well. So tie that around the back of the ribbon right through the swag and then that will be right in the front so you can see that comes down and just hangs like that. And then, attach this on the back of the chair and you have a great great decoration for your Christmas table or for just a festive holiday dinner.


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