How to Make Christmas Star Decorations

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Making Christmas star decorations will require a few key tools, like salt dough. Make Christmas star decorations with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Krayl Funch, and this is how to make Christmas star decorations. Now, in this video we're going to be talking about is making star decorations out of salt dough. Now, it's an old favorite and you probably made it or maybe haven't made it in quite some time, but, we're going to bring it back. It is equal parts flour and salt and then, half that amount of the water. Once you have your dough all mixed together, you're going to go ahead and roll it out. Once you've rolled it out and it is about one, one quarter inch thick, we're going to go ahead and we are going to get your star cutter out. So, once you have it cut out, in order to be able to hang it as an ornament, we're going to poke a hole in it. So, you can just use a standard plastic straw to poke a hole in it and make sure you don't get too close to the edges. So, then, once you've cut them all out with your, with your shape and poked a hole with your straw, you're going to put them on the baking sheet. You're going to put them on the oven for about approximately two hours. Now, the point of putting in the oven is really just to dry them out as oppose to baking them. So, put them in the oven very low. Now, my oven the lowest that it go is 170; if yours goes to 100 or 150, use that temperature. And then, we're going to just leave it in there for about at least two hours and again, just wanting to dry them out, not necessarily baking them as we're going to use them as name tags. So, we have these little stamps and you can go ahead and once they're dry and they're all ready to, to go, you can use a little letter stamps. Now, I've already gone ahead and done this, but you can see that it, it just creates a really cute star and it has my name on it and a little hole. Okay. So, now it needs the hole to make it the actual decoration or ornament, we need to just run it through with the ribbon here. So, you want to cut about a six-inch ribbon and just loop it right through and then tie it. And what I'm going to use this for actually is to use it on a place setting. So, I'm going to go ahead and put this on the dinner table and that way everyone knows where they're sitting and then they can also actually take the ornament home with them. So, once that is looped around, there's your ornament and then go ahead and place that right on your napkin. And you are ready for your holiday dinner.


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