How to Make a Panini in a Cast Iron Skillet

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Making a panini in a cast iron skillet will require a few key ingredients, like sliced chicken. Make a panini in a cast iron skillet with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Chef Egg with Cooking with Egg TV, out of Baltimore, Maryland. And I'm going to show you how to make an Italian panini in a cast iron skillet. The panini we're going to make today, is an Italian chicken panini. It's got sliced chicken, sauteed kale that's been cooked with a little bit of lemon juice and chili peppers. Sliced provolone cheese and sliced Italian bread. But the most important part of this recipe, is the cast iron pan that we're going to use. Now, the cast iron's really important to get a golden crispy texture all over the sandwich. First thing I'm going to do, is heat our pan over medium heat. We want to make sure that the panini fries on the outside and then, everything cooks in the middle. We're going to throw a bit of olive oil in there, place our bread in. Top it with provolone cheese, sliced chicken, a little bit of salt and pepper. Top it with your greens, another slice of cheese and then, your bread. A little more olive oil on top and then, press it down with something heavy. And we're going to press the pot down really, really hard to make sure that we have a flat sandwich. Now, leave the pot on top and we're going to let that cook for about three to five minutes, until the first side is golden-brown. Then, we'll check, see if it's good, flip it, repeat that process. And turn it over, press down on the weight, leave the weight on top and then, continue to cook it for three to five minutes. Until it's golden-brown and the cheese is melted, and all of the filling is heated through. Paninis are a pressed European style sandwich. So, what they do is, they take some really hardy bread like Italian, ciabatta or a French baguette. And they put all kinds of fillings in it. So, you can have ham, chicken, grilled vegetables, and definitely some cheese on top. You could do Gruyere, Swiss cheese, provolone, cheddar. Any type of filling you like is totally cool. You want to make sure you've got some good weight on top, because you want to make that the fillings are heated through and that the cheese melts all over. Now, the sandwich smells wonderful, it's been cooking for about five minutes, I think, it's time to take off. Let's just check for doneness, and it's absolutely perfect. Take these over, place them down. the sandwich is flat, the bread is golden-brown, you can see that cheese melting out. Let's plate this bad boy up, look at how beautiful that is. We pressed the sandwich together, bringing all the flavors together. And this is going to taste fantastic, look at that. My name is Chef Egg with Cooking with Egg TV, out of Baltimore, Maryland. And that's how you make an Italian panini in a cast iron skillet.


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