How to Factor Circle Graphs

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Factoring circle graphs is another way of describing factoring a pie chart. Factor circle graphs with help from an experienced mathematics professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Walter Unglaub, and this is how to factor circle graphs. So a circle graph is just another way of describing a pie chart. So for this example I'm going to consider a bag of candy in which I have a total of 200 candies. And in this bag of candies I have four different colors of candy. I have red, blue, green and purple. So if I know how many of each type of candy I have then I can use the common factor of one over the total or one over 200 to calculate the relative percentages for this pie chart, or this circle graph. So lets say that I have 20 red candies, 10 blue candies, 89 green candies, and 90 purple candies. I can calculate the relative percentages by multiplying this factor with respect to each of these numbers. So the percentage of red candy is going to be equal to one over 200 times 20 which is equal to zero point one, or 10 percent. And then for blue I have one over 200 times 10 which is equal to point zero five, which is equal to five percent. For green I have 80 divided 200. And this is simply going to be equal to point four, which is 40 percent. And then finally for purple I have 90 divided 20 and this is equal to point four five which is 45 percent. Now if I add all of the percentages up I have 45 plus 40 which is 85. Plus five is 90. Plus 10 is 100 percent. And this completes the pie chart. So using knowledge about the total number of candies in the bag and the numbers of different types of colors of candy I can use the factor of one over the total to calculate the relative percentages and populate and construct my pie chart. My name is Walter Unglaub and this how to factor circle graphs.


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