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Pilates is well known for its benefits on the abdominal muscles and the core. Find out about Pilates water exercises with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Michelle McLafferty. And these are some Pilates water exercises. Pilates is well known for its benefits on the abdominal muscles and the core. And the pool has become a new place for really taking this into the water and getting a different type of benefit as when doing Pilates on land. Water allows you to move in three dimensions instead of two. So a couple of basic Pilates water exercises for beginners is simply an abdominal stability press-down. And also a deep water beat or 100s exercise. And you are going to bring your feet shoulder distance apart. Arms outstretched. You are basically are going to lean forward in the shallow end of the water letting your heels come off the ground. Almost as if you're going to fall forward. Keeping your shoulder blades down. Keeping your core muscles engaged the whole time. And push slightly, just a couple of inches underneath the water, always being aware of the abdominal muscles initiating the exercise. So a second exercise that's really easy and engages all the muscles for Pilates in the water is called the 100s or beats. This is where you are going to go into the deep end. Bend your knees and your hips up to about a 100 degrees. Leaning back into the noodle. Arms are straight down by your sides. And all you do is just focus on your breath, breathing in for about a count of five. Pushing both hands down and back. And then breathing out. Your knees are just going to be slightly bent while you are in the deep end. And you're just basically engaging the muscles in your abs while you push both arms straight down and back.


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