Water Exercises to Develop Quadraceps

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The quadriceps are the broad muscles that are all along the front of your thigh. Find out about using water exercises to develop the quadriceps with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Michelle McLafferty. And these are some water exercises to develop your quadriceps. The quadriceps are the broad muscles that are all along the front of your thigh. They're really important in walking and water's an ideal to strengthen them. Because you're able to get added resistance with little to no strain on the joints. So, walking is one simple exercise to strengthen your quadriceps. You just want to stay in shoulder to chest depth water. Landing heel, strike first and keeping aware of your nice, upright posture, powering through the heel as you walk forward. You can also walk backwards. The next exercise that's great to strengthen the quads, is a bicycle. This is best down in the deep water. bicycling in the deep end of the pool is a great way to strengthen your whole legs, including the quadriceps. Just keep a noodle around your waist for support and really reach your heel all the way underneath you. Almost as if you're riding an upright bicycle. Great way to strengthen the entire legs and quadriceps. The last exercise that's great for strengthening your quadriceps, is simple squat. Squatting in the water gives you more support than squatting on the land. So, it can make the exercise slightly easier on your joints. You're going to bring your legs about shoulder distance apart or slightly wider. And you're going to sit down almost as if you're sitting in a low chair. Keeping your knees at 90 degrees, making sure that your knees don't come forward too much. Just sitting down the back and then, standing right back, up again.


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