Preventing Latissmus Dorsi Muscle Injuries in Swimming

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The lats, as they're commonly known, are a really broad straight muscle that forms most of the lower back. Find out about preventing latissmus dorsi muscle injuries in swimming with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Michelle McLafferty and these are some ways to prevent latissmus dorsi muscle injuries when swimming. Most people might even be aware where the latissmus dorsi muscles are located. The lats as they're commonly known are a really broad straight muscle that forms most of the lower back. The lats connect directly to the spine and they're responsible for twisting and rotating and the lats are really the main power muscle involved in swimming especially the front crawl stroke. A couple easy things to keep in mind to prevent lat injuries are first of all avoid over twisting. When you're doing the front crawl stroke you want to maintain a nice streamline position straight and allow your whole body to rotate including your hips If you over twist or over pool it can strain the low back and strain the latissmus dorsi so that's a really important consideration. Another thing is to cross train. You can cross train at home or in a gym by strengthening the lats, bringing your arms down, elbows at 90 degrees, keeping the shoulder blades pinched in the back, stabilizing the shoulder blades and just do simple pull downs, you can do 5 pound weights in your hands if you have them or any weight that's appropriate to you. Cross training, also do some strengthening for the entire core so that while you're swimming you're not just using the lats, that you're engaging all the muscles in a synergistic way.


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