How to Use a Decorative Mesh Ribbon on the Dinner Table for Christmas

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Decorative mesh ribbon on the Christmas dinner table will also require a few other important items, like tinsel. Use a decorative mesh ribbon on the Christmas dinner table with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events by Fabulous. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make a beautiful garland for your Christmas dinner table and basically how to use decorative mesh ribbon to create a beautiful centerpiece for your table. So let's start with the basics. First of all we're going to actually need a bit of tinsel and this tinsel is going to be the basis from which we're going to build the entire garland. We're going to stretch out the tinsel, the length of our table. We're going to secure it on each end. Then I'm actually going to cut small pieces of tinsel about eight inches and we're going to place them down the wreath approximately eight inches apart from each other. So that is the basis that we need to actually build this wreath. So now we're going to get started. We're going to take the green deco mesh and we're going to create a finial on the end here and then we're going to now tie that on to the actual piece of tinsel using the smaller piece of tinsel that we've attached. And you can see now we'll just go step by step, we're going to scrunch the deco mesh, create a nice little poof, and then attach it with the actual tinsel and now we're going to keep going down the wreath, down the wreath and every eight inches scrunching this deco mesh and attaching it with the tinsel. Next after we've got that all gorgeous and set up, we're going to use a ribbon. So for this particular garland I've chosen a beautiful burlap ribbon. We're trying to keep it a little rustic and this is a special burlap ribbon because there's actually a bit of wire in the edge of the ribbon so that it keeps its form when you're tying it in to the garland. So we're going to start here again on one end and we're actually going to create a bow with the actual ribbon. So we're going to create a bow and we're going to tie it on to the tinsel. Now we'll create a nice little loop here, just kind of stretch the loop out. Then we're going to make another bow, you can see we'll tie another bow right here. Then we're going to put that piece of tinsel. So now we're just going to continue down the line with these beautiful bows and loops until we've created this gorgeous, gorgeous garland basis. So now that we have the base of the garland done, we're going to move on to the little decorative elements that are really going to bring it over the top. First of all we want to incorporate that Christmas scent. So I've got some dried eucalyptus here. Now I'm going to create a little ornament with the eucalyptus. I'm just going to take three actual pieces, three sprigs, I'm going to now attach those together with some decorative wire and then I'm going to attach that to the garland. And now to hide the actual attachment, I'm going to use some of these wire balls, which I've actually spray painted gold and now I'm going to loop the wire through the balls like so. Super simple. Now I'm just going to attach that wire ball on to the eucalyptus and then attach everything around the wreath and now I've really basically taken all the elements and tied them together and I'm going to create a very nice focal point in the wreath. Then for our last accent, I wanted to put a little sparkle in there so I've gotten these beautiful silks, these sprigs here with this glitter on it. I just picked that up at a craft store. And now I'm going to cut this giant bush of this silk plant. I'm going to cut this down, I'm going to create a nice little size sprig that I can attach to our garland, we don't want to go over the top here because again this is a very understated piece we want to keep it pretty simple so we're just going to make a small sprig here. We're going to tie it around the middle and you'll see here how I made this sprig it's almost like a bow. I have one sprig facing one direction and the other sprig facing the other direction and then I've tied it in the center. That's perfect. Now I'm going to tie this beautiful little sprig on to the garland. So there you go. We have our beautiful garland that we've created from scratch here. You'll notice that I added just a couple extra of these gold wire balls just to extend that look down the garland and it's super easy to do. Enjoy.


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