Secret to Stringing Christmas Tree Lights

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The secret to stringing Christmas tree lights is one that places an emphasis on the proper organization. Learn the secret to stringing Christmas tree lights with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert, and owner at Events by Fabulous. Today, I'm gonna teach you the secret to stringing Christmas tree lights. So, the first secret is buying an artificial tree that's already pre-lit. That's gonna save you a lot of time and effort getting those little mini lights onto each of the branches. But what I always love to do is incorporate a second string of light, and that just gives you that extra sparkle that you're absolutely gonna love in your holiday tree. So, the first thing you're gonna do is choose a set of lights that has the same tonality as the actual mini lights already on the tree. You see here that I've used a warm white, so I've picked a really cute little sparkle crystal ball. It's a slightly different tone, but it's in the same family, and so they look really well together and really compliment each other. So the first step is plugging your new string of lights into the actual tree lights that are already existing, and then you're gonna strap that to the base of the tree using a zip tie. Make sure you really get it in there, and then you're gonna just snip it off. Now you're going to take your string of lights and go all the way straight vertical up to the top of the Christmas tree, and hook it on to the top of the Christmas tree using one of the branches. Now, the most important part is to light the interior first, because that's really gonna give all of your ornaments a glow from the back. So what you want to do is really get in there. I like to use work gloves because Christmas trees can be feisty, so you want to protect your hands, but then you're really gonna get in there, move those branches up and down and go around the tree at the actual base and really create that core of light in the center of the tree. Then when you get to the bottom, you can now connect another string of lights to the end of the lights you've just strung, and you're gonna work your way up the front side. So now you're gonna do the exterior. What I like to do is go in a s-shape kind of pattern all the way up the tree. And you're just gonna step back a couple of times from the tree. Step back, make sure you like how it looks, and then when you've gotten all the lights kind of facing out towards you and appropriately spaced on the tree, you're now just gonna finish it up by taking the artificial branches and wrapping them around the lights in key points to keep everything straight and in place. And that's, that's it. There you go, you have it. You've added an extra string of lights, and you've really just added some extra sparkle to your holiday.


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