How to Do a Heading Then Change to Columns in Microsoft Word 2007

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Doing a heading then changing to columns in Microsoft Word is something that you can do from the main ribbon toolbar. Do a heading then change to columns in Microsoft Word with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I'm Jeff, and today I'm gonna show you how to create a Microsoft Word document with both a header and with columns. A header can help you get your title across very clearly right at the beginning, and then columns can help break down the body of your text into a pretty aesthetically pleasing way. So, let's check it out. Now first of all you're gonna, even though, if it was up to me I would, I would have put header under insert, because you're gonna insert it, but technically it's already there, and so you're just gonna click on view and view the spot for the header. This is my header. And there it is, you have a header. And if you, if you go down another page and you insert a section break, that will be your header on every page. And so, now you want some columns to go with that. You're gonna go into format, columns, and then you're gonna format your document to have more than one column, because technically the default is to have one column, and that's what you're working with through the whole page, and so you can split that up into two, and then you can see a preview there, and you can see three columns, and this will not affect your header. Your header will be one solid header across the top. So let's do three columns, and you hit okay, and we'll test it out. Column one. Column two, and you go all the way down, essentially like a page break, but not really. So you hit enter a million times just to test it. Now if you were typing, you'd go all the way down, and then when you're done typing it would end up up here, and then so column three. And so we have three columns and we have a header on the same document. It's like magic. And that's how you create a Microsoft Word document with both a header and columns. I'm Jeff, and thank you for watching.


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