Cheap Method to Erase Wrinkles

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Cheap methods to erase wrinkles include using hemorrhoid cream, among other tools. Find out about cheap methods for erasing wrinkles with help from an experienced makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Hayden Tee. I'm the creative director of Inglot Cosmetics and I'm here today to talk to you about cheap methods of erasing wrinkles. Now I've got a couple of great tips for you here today. Of course some of them are things to prepare, such as get a great night's sleep, drink plenty of water, sleep on a satin pillowcase, because it doesn't pull the skin on your face to help prevent wrinkles, and then I've got some great products that you can purchase in any kind of drugstore, such as hemorrhoid cream, which is wonderful for removing puffiness around the eyes, and therefor wrinkles, and then a couple of makeup tips, such as hydrating the face using a dewy foundation, staying away from any frosty shades so as not to accentuate wrinkles, and then using defuses to erase them on the spot. The biggest tip for erasing wrinkles is hydrating, hydrating your skin with moisturizer, hydrating your body with water. The more hydration you can get, the better it's gonna be. Now, keeping in theme with that hydration, stay away from a matte finish to your skin if you want to avoid highlighting those wrinkles. Keep everything dewy and fresh, which keeps everything plump, and then when you go to the eye shadow, you can go for a matte shade, but with the skin, try to keep everything as glowing and fresh as possible. Obviously the moisture will plump up the skin, but also it's just going to help give the skin a glow and hide those wrinkles. Marta's looking severely glowy now. Now I'm gonna go on with a hemorrhoid cream. Now the reason why hemorrhoid cream is amazing for the eye area is because hemorrhoid cream is designed to actually remove blood from the surface of the skin. Dark circles and puffiness is literally blood that you can see underneath the eye area. A hemorrhoid cream will take down any swelling, and it's a little tip that lots of makeup artists use. Another thing you can actually use it around the lip areas as well, it's just gonna help smooth that skin out. But never go closer than the orbital bone, because the heat of the skin is gonna carry it into the eye area anyway. Hi, you've been listening to Hayden Tee from Inglot Cosmetics, get out there and start erasing your wrinkles now.


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