How to Oxidize Silver Jewelry

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When you oxidize silver jewelry you're going to need to use a very specific type of solution. Find out how to properly oxidize silver jewelry with help from an expert with an extensive knowledge and expertise in arts and crafts in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Paula from And today, I'm going to share with you how to oxidize silver jewelry. Now, I have here a silver ring setting and I'm going to put this in a solution, it's called Patina Solution, I picked this up at the craft store. And by the smell of it, I can tell that it's a sulfur solution. There was something called Liver-of-Sulfur that I used to buy that like a little, it was like in a little rock kind of thing and you would drop a little piece of that in water. And I'm sure that this, has the same sort of base to it, but it oxidizes silver really well. And then, you want to just pick up your jewelry and put it down inside for a little bit. And how long you leave it in the solution, will make a difference in how much oxidation you get on it. So, I'm going to see what it's doing in there, it is starting to oxidize just a little bit, put in there a little bit more. So, one, two, three through the magic of film, I will now pull it out and it will be a lot darker, if I can get my tweezers around it, here it is. Now, look how nice and dark and oxidized that is. So, what you want to do next, after you oxidize, it is, get it dried off and you can rinse it, rinse all of this smelly stuff off, neutralize it in water. And then, what you want do is, take your, a jewelry polishing cloth. This one has a little bit of rouge on it and I'll buff a little bit on that side and then, I will polish that a little bit. And what this should do is, leave a little bit of that darkness in the cracks and crevices and polish the highlights for a nice oxidized look to your Sterling silver jewelry. And that is how you do it. I'm Paula from, have a great day.


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