How to Keep Garden Fountain Water Clean

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Keeping garden fountain water clean requires you to make sure that you always have a steady water flow. Keep garden fountain water clean with help from a horticulturist and landscape designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Brent Green, and I'm here to talk about how to keep fountains clean today. A self contained urn fountain such as this one here makes it a lot easier to keep clean because the surface area here that is the top of the fountain couple of reasons is has a very small surface area so that leaves and debris minimally collect in this area here. Secondarily there's always a push up from the water that's flowing out of this urn water flows down so most debris that floats on the top here gets pushed over the side rather than settling in the actual fountain itself. And that keeps it clean generally speaking. More clean than an in ground fountain. Another thing that I like to do periodically especially during the warm months of the year is add a little bit of chlorine. Just chlorine that you would use for a spa like a granular chlorine. Add like a cap full in here every two weeks in the summer time. Generally with the warm temperatures, algae can bloom in the fountain when the water is warm. That's what the chlorine eradicates. In the winter not so much because the water is colder but put a little chlorine periodically is not a bad thing. This fountain that we have here before us is an in ground fountain that's made out of broken concrete and has a pond made of plastic on the bottom. There's a tube that circulates the water up down in to the fountain. Little harder to keep clean than the other fountain because it contains plant material so you can't use chlorine in this or it can kill your plants. But occasionally because this one here is open to the elements, the trees above and that type of thing, got to go in periodically and just bell the water out or take a net and remove all of the leaves that fall in the fountain in order to keep the water clean because those leaves break down they can change the pH of the water in quick stagnation. But in ground fountains such as this one, you want to keep it clean and probably go through cleaning several times a month in the summer time and in the winter time probably every couple of months and that should do it.


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