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Reviving sod is something that you'll likely have to do if it hasn't been getting enough water. Revive sod with help from part owner of Jared's Nursery, Gift & Garden in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Loren Bauman from Jared's Gift and Garden here in Littleton, Colorado. Today, I want to talk a little bit about how to revive sod. Now there may be some reasons why your sod isn't looking very good. It could be you know a hundred degrees like it's been here in Colorado for a while. It can be where we've had no water. You can also do where the lawn is stressed from animals or kids running on it. You know, you got rabbits sitting there eating all day long and you've got your kids where you know, they love to play on the grass running back and forth, puts a lot of stress on your grass and sometimes you just need to give it a little pop to bring it back up. There's some basic things that you can do. One is keep an eye on your water or just add a little bit of additional water. But sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes because the way the soils are the water's either not draining, going through the soil or it's kind of running off. In that case you want to use something that's going to be a surfactant, something that's going to help break up your soil tension to get that water in. A couple things you can use, you can use like a teaspoon of like an Ivory dish soap in a gallon of water. You can also use a product like Revive. Revive is a pet family product. It's going to be safe on your grass you can even actually use it in your garden. What I have here is a sample of grass that is stressed. Been running on it, had rabbits sitting on it over the last month or so. And then what I have next to it is what your grass can look like. It just takes three, you know maybe three to four weeks. Now all you need to do is a simple application about once a week either using your teaspoon of soap in a gallon of water or the product like Revive. Spray it about once a week, a real quick spraying and then just work with your watering, make sure that you know, the water's actually going in. But within about two to three weeks with proper application you can get your old sod to look like the new sod very inexpensively and very easily. This is Loren Bauman here at Jared's Gift and Garden talking about how to revive sod.


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