How to Get Spathiphyllum to Bloom

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Peace lily, or spathiphyllum, is one of the most common houseplants around. Get spathiphyllum to bloom with help from a certified professional horticulturist through the American Society for Horticultural Science in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Justin Hancock with Costa Farms. Peace lily or spathiphyllum is one of the most common houseplants around. It's loved for its lustrous dark green leaves and cheery spikes of calla-like flowers. A common problem people sometimes run in to is the plants stop blooming when they get them home. Here are easy tips to keep your spathiphyllum in bloom. First make sure they get enough light. Now the plants may be sold as tolerating low light and they'll certainly grow in low light conditions but they won't bloom. Add more light, either naturally or with artificial lights and you should see the flowers start to appear again. Number two, make sure they have a good amount of humidity. If the air gets too dry the leaf tips will often turn brown, the leaf edges may also turn brown. The plants put more energy into maintaining themselves in those situations and they won't bloom very well. You can boost humidity by placing the plants near each other because they give off moisture as they breathe. Setting a small humidifier near your plants or moving your spathiphyllums to a more humid room in your house. The third tip to keep your spathiphyllum in health bloom is to make sure the plants get enough moisture. These plants like evenly moist soil and don't let it dry out too much. Now if your spathiphyllum gets too dry it will wilt, however it bounces right back. Try to avoid wilting and your plant will be much happier, healthier and it should bloom nicely. Follow these three easy tips and you should enjoy beautiful blooms on your spathiphyllums all year long.


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