Kindergarten Crafts & Activities for "Snowmen at Night"

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Kindergarten crafts and activities for "Snowmen at Night" will require a paper plate and a few other very common items. Find out about kindergarten crafts and activities for "Snowmen at Night" with help from an artist and educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sam Kelly. I'm an artist and educator, and today I'm going to show you a craft to do on the book Snowmen at Night. You're going to need a paper plate. You're going to need some black construction paper and some orange construction paper. You'll need some cotton balls. You'll need a little bit of silver glitter glue. You'll need a pair of scissors and you'll need some white glue. Now the first step is going to be to make our snowman's face. So, we're just going to take some regular old white glue, and squirt a little bit of that onto the plate, and then your kids are gonna have fun spreading these cotton balls out to make a snowman. If you're like me and you come from Florida, you didn't grow up making snowmen, so maybe this is the closest thing you get for a poor little subtropical child. And, as you can see, I've already cut out a sort of wedge shape for the snowman's nose, but we're going to need to make some eyes for him, and a mouth. So, going off of the old standard coal for eyes and mouth, we're just gonna tear a piece of black construction paper. I've only use half a sheet for the background, so, you should have some left over, that way each child only needs one sheet of construction paper, or actually even less than that if you wanted to cut it up ahead of time. They just need a tiny bit for the eyes and the nose. And we'll do a dot here, a dot there, and put those eyes on. And, a thin little line here, and, we'll get some nice little coal, nice little coal smile going. And the of course we're gonna need to glue down his nose. But, this snowman is not just floating in space, so we've got to put him on a background. For that, we need some glue. Now one fun thing you could do is have the kids, if they're a little older and they've got writing skills, they could write out what their snowman might be getting up to at night, what kind of mischief he or she is making, but for the younger ones you can just take some glitter glue and have them do snowflakes in the background, and that will jazz it up, make it feel all wintery, I assume, I don't really know what winter's supposed to feel like, we wore shorts on Christmas. And there you go, you've got a snowman ready to go out and make some trouble at night. I'm Sam Kelly, thanks for joining me.


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