Planet Venus Preschool Crafts

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Planet Venus preschool crafts are a great way to get kids interested in astronomy at an early age. Do planet Venus preschool crafts with help from an artist and educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sam Kelly. I'm an artist and educator, and today I'm going to show you a craft for preschoolers on the planet, Venus. You'll need a paper plate. You'll need a piece of wax paper. You'll need some glitter glue or some loose glitter in a gold or yellow color. You'll need a paintbrush and you'll need some Tempera paint in yellow, red and white. As you can see, I've already mixed up some colors here. Venus typically in photos shows up as kind of a golden or golden brown colored planet. So these are the colors that I've made and this project is a technique that I really like to do with preschoolers because it helps to eliminate some of the mess that is inherent with working with that age child. So with your mixed up paint, you're going to put a couple of dabs and dashes on the plate that the child will be using and this is something that you can do just kind of like in assembly line fashion. You can line up the plates on a table and just plop a little bit of paint on each one and you can even use the bottles themselves if you wanted to. You could just grab those and dash a little bit of paint on which I'm going to do with some of the yellow. So just a couple of drops. Venus is known as Earth's sister planet because it's almost the same size as us but it has some important differences. It is the hottest planet. It's second from the sun but it's much much hotter than Earth and of course the atmosphere is not one that we could live in, very very dense atmosphere. The pressure would crush you and it is filled with volcanoes which I think is pretty awesome. So if you are using the glitter you can just add a little bit here and there to make it more fun, give them a little bit more to work with and with your wax paper, you're going to cover the plate. And I call this technique paint smoosh, it's a very technical artsy term for what's going to happen here. But basically this helps keep the kids hands a little bit cleaner hopefully, not mine of course because I'm always mess when I make art but with the little ones if you do this right, you will have a nice clean surface and you will have nice clean little hands. A lot of kids don't really like to get their hands messy at this age. So they are going to just kind of use this paper to move the paint around and they will really enjoy seeing how it changes and feeling it and squishing underneath the paper. And you can certainly guide them on this part, just make sure you cover your table with some newspaper or some cardboard and you are good to go, easiest project to clean up for this age. And when you are done, you should have a nice planety surface and this is the beautiful part, you just fold that paper up and you throw it right in the trash and you are done. You've made a planet project with your preschool age children on Venus. I'm Sam Kelly. Thanks for joining me.


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