How to Make a Pencil Case Out of a Book Sleeve

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Making a pencil case out of a book sleeve is a great way to "up-cycle" and turn one old item into something new. Make a pencil case out of a book sleeve with help from the author of "Living Simple, Free & Happy" in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Cristin Frank, founder of Eve of Reduction and the author of the do-it-yourself lifestyle book, Living Simple, Free and Happy. Today I'm going to show you how to make a pencil case out of a book sleeve, which is a really fun up-cycling project that you can do for your self or with a child. This is also a purposeful recycling project because book sleeves tend to get tossed out in the trash or they stay on books and get all beat up and end up looking awful on your bookshelf. So why not make a pencil case that matches your book. For this project you're going to need the following supplies. A book sleeve, make sure it's wide enough to hold pencils, scissors, glue, adhesive back Velcro and two pieces of 4 inch ribbon. I like to lay out my book sleeve and figure out where the image is the best and then cut off parts that aren't as attractive. Also lay down a couple of pencils so you can make sure that your book sleeve is a good size. I like to use a grid mat to help make sure that all my lines are straight. And I'm using a radial cutter to get nice clean straight lines. Now I'm just going to take it and flip it over and then fold it in half. And once I get it in half I'm actually going to open it back up and start to fold the edges over and just make what I'm going to call a little hem. And even though we're not sewing this, we're just going to be gluing it, it keeps the edges nice and clean when it's folded over. You don't need to fold it any more than like a quarter of an inch. Now the next thing you want to do is take your ruler and find the center of your pencil case. My is about there so I'm going to make, conveniently I have a pencil, I'm going to make a little mark there and then on the opposite side. This is where we're going to be putting our Velcro. So take your pieces of looped ribbon, a little dab of glue, and press the ribbon down into the glue. And then repeat on the other side. Now the Velcro that you put down is actually going to have adhesive on the back. And that's going to go right over where you glued down your ribbon loops. And it gives just like an extra reinforcement to those ribbon loops. Make sure those are pressed down. Not you can actually just put a little dab of glue to hold your hems down nice and neat. Careful not to touch your hot glue. Use the paper to push it down. Now you can remove any sort of loose glue strings if you want. And then the final step is to run some glue on the top part of the hem on both side. And then you're going to fold it over and glue it down. There, and then when you want to add your pencils, pull it open, you just need a couple of pencils and you have your pencil case. I'm Cristin Frank from Eve of Reduction and there you have it. You've salvaged your book sleeve and made a do-it-yourself matching pencil case out of a beloved book. What a great gift idea.


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