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How you slice salami will vary depending on exactly what you plan on using it for. Get tips on how to slice salami with help from a corporate executive chef in this free video clip.

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Hi. My name is Josef Huber. I am the corporate executive chef for the Amway Plaza Hotel here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, I'm going to show you how to slice salami. With a few words of wisdom first, maybe to get started. When you go and buy salami there's a few different things you should consider. There are some salamis out there with artificial casings which are easy to recognize because they have usually a print writing on it. Then there is natural casings out there, some with mold like this one here, which is a natural mold. You also find on brie cheese and on Camemberts and obviously on salamis. They have natural casings, totally edible. Same thing on this super sodder right here, got a natural casing on there and also totally edible. What I'm going to show you is how to slice the salami. Obviously on artificial salamis you have to remove the casing. The casing is not edible, it's made out of plastic or cellophane, something in this direction. But just take it off. So on this salami here we removed the artificial casing already so it's not edible. And we take a sharp knife, sharp tools is important. And cut small wagon wheels straight down. This is one way you can slice the salami. The other way you can eat a salami is to cut it a little bit thicker, like a quarter inch thick or so. And you start cutting this in bite size pieces. This particular salami here has a natural casing on it. As you can see there is natural mold on it too. It's the same mold that you find on cheeses. So it's fully edible. Also the casing is fully edible. This one here, it's a venison salami with Mangalitsa speck in it. So again, we're just going to cut this in thin wheels, just like so. If you find in the salami holes like this here it's due to not being pressed enough in the process of making it. And here's the skin from the casing. In this case it was a beef casing. It's fully edible. This slicer here, it's a Berkel slicer made in Italy. It's the Ferrari of all slicers there is. Not assuming you're going to have one at home in your kitchen, but if you do one, if you recognize them, right in this bright red and in this wheels. It's actually a slicer which is powered by hand. So it's a manual slicer. So here we're slicing this salami in nice thin slices with this machine. One thing maybe it's worth mentioning, when you slice salamis make sure the salami is nice and cold and coming out of the refrigeration. Salamis can be up to 40 percent, 30 to 40 percent consistency of fat. It depends on who is making it and what you prefer. So when you slice the salami warm and on a dull blade you can see that the salami actually smears, so in effect smears around the ring. So make sure salami is cut nice and chilled. So I hope you're having good success with slicing your salamis. And just remember the fundamentals of slicing the salami, sharp tools and keep everything nice and chilled. Good luck and enjoy your salamis.


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