How to Make Felt Strawberry Slices

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Making felt strawberry slices usually involves working with heart shaped pieces of material. Make felt strawberry slices with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to make felted strawberry slices. Aren't these darling? I just think they're so cute. OK there's a lot of parts to this. And most of them are heart shaped. It's a very sweet project to make. So I have my heart template here. It's kind of a wide heart. You don't want it too narrow and you want it rounded on the bottom. So I'm going to trace. You need one wide heart shape per strawberry slice. So I'm going to trace this on to my red felt. OK. And then I would cut that out. Here I have one already cut. So now I want to sew a couple of seeds on the back. So with white of even yellow. If you look closely they're kind of a bit more yellow. I'm going to sew very simple straight stitch. OK in and out until you have the whole strawberry covered. And that's what I've done here. So now I'm going to fold my heart with the right side in. Going to take my thread and from this point I'm going to sew a hemming stitch about a half an inch to the outside of the heart. OK. Then I would knot that. OK. Open up your heart and now you have kind of a more of a three dimensional shaped strawberry. Now you take this shape and you trace that on to another piece of red felt. All right so I'm going to trace that on there. I cut that out and I end up with this. Now to make the inside of this strawberry I need another heart shape. So I'm going to do that with pink. And that one is going to be a little more narrow. So I cut a narrow pink heart. Within that pink heart I'm going to draw another heart. A very small one in the center. So I have a very small heart in the center. I'm going to fold that in half. It's just easier to cut. And I'm going to cut that heart shape out. There I have my heart shape. I sew this on to my heart. Here I have one sewn on already. And then I sew that piece on to the three dimensional strawberry shape. So here I've started to sew this on. All right so I'm sewing a simple hem stitch. And then right before you close it, you need to stuff your strawberry. So I have a little bit of batting here. Stuff that strawberry. OK. And then sew it closed. OK so let's say that's sewn. Here we go. OK. I would knot it first. Now you need to add the little green stem or hull I think it's called. So I've cut a round piece of green felt and now I'm going to cut some jagged edges in it to kind of make it star like. So just cut. Doesn't have to be perfect. Just have some fun. And here we have kind of a funky star. So now we sew that on to the top of the strawberry. What I like to do is I when I knot my embroidery floss, let's see I kind of make a big knot. And I don't hide it, I put it right through the top of this little green star and then in to the top of my strawberry. And then give it a few stitches. And there you have a strawberry half. I hope you have fun. This is Linda Facci of Facci Designs. Happy felting.


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