How to Make Catfish Flagging Jugs

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Making catfish flagging jugs is something that requires some PVC pipe and a few other important tools. Make catfish flagging jugs with help from an experienced fisherman in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is David Perkins host of "Journey the Outdoors." And, today, I'm going to show you how to make a catfish flagging jar. Frist off, as I said, you need a half-inch piece of PVC, right around 18 inches long. And, then, you need an end cap that goes with that and a little eyelet. You can use any size that you would like, this is a screw-in eyelet hook. Okay? Now, at the other end, you want to have some hot wax or glue, whatever your choice, or you can put another cap on the end to hold the rebar in. Speaking of the rebar, here is a six-inch piece of rebar. This is steel rebar that you can get at any home improvement store and it's going to apply enough weight to adjust the buoyancy in the line. And, speaking of buoyancy, here we have our noodle. This is a piece of just, maybe, ten inches of a floatation noodle that little kids would use in a pool Now, we've cut that down so we can actually fit it right over the half an inch PVC pipe. Now, you only want to adjust it to one end opposite of the eyelet hook. And, that's where the eyelet comes in; the screw eyelet. Just drill a small little hole in the and then you can screw your eyelet hook right into that, just like so. And, once it's done screwing in, just make sure that it's sturdy and that it's really in there. Now, all you have to do is take your half an inch PVC pipe, and your six-inch rebar, then insert it into the half an inch PVP pipe. You will notice that it will fit just right, just like the floatation device. Slide that in there, glue in a piece of hot wax, or something of the sort, just a stopper or glue your end cap and then you have a sliding, adjusting, flagging jug. Now, the way this works is, you will tie on some line and, here, I have for demonstration, just a little small piece of hundred eighty pound test line. This is nylon line, very strong. So, it will hold on, it won't' break If a catfish decides to take this around for a little run in the lake and go through the rocks and the rivers and the creeks, So, at the other end of this, I'm going to add a two ounce weight to this, like so. And, you want enough that it will still float and hold up the line. Now, I'm going to tie that off, right around maybe ten inches of the top of the tag in, a loose knot will work here. Then, you're going to take a number five or whatever size you like, a number five circle hook and it's a - you have to use a circle hook because it will be self hooking. It ill hook the fish and hold it there and, particularly, it will usually hook it in the corner of the mouth. So, the reason you need such a big hook is because you want to make sure that your line ties on to it. Now, you have your set up, your full jugging, flagging set up. My name is David Perkins and that's how to fish with a flagging catfish jug.


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