How Deep to Fish for Catfish With a Bobber

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If you're fishing for catfish with a bobber, you're always going to want to pay very close attention to the depth of the water in the area. Find out about how deep to fish for catfish with a bobber with help from an experienced fisherman in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is David Perkins, from “Journey The Outdoors” on YouTube. I have a great video for you today. This is going to be how deep to fish for catfish. It’s really simple, and I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do that. So, first off, you want to have a nice large bobber, because catfish can usually pull pretty good. You don’t want to use a small bobber. This one is actually already weighted, too. We have another weight, a small weight that doesn’t weigh too much – this is about a half an ounce. And then, we have a bead stop. Now, I’m going to assemble this for you. Also, I have another hook. I’m going to assemble this for you. So, first off, you’re going to want to put on your bead stop, and we’re going to thread it through one time, turn around, and then thread it through again. But, the second time, we’re going to pull that through the loop and slide it right up. Then, we’re going to go ahead and thread the bobber right on, and we’re just going to kind of just thread that right through there. This can be tricky sometimes, but sometimes they go all the way through like they should, and sometimes they wind up. Alright, now, once it comes out the other end, you just pull your line through and slip the bobber up to the bead stop. Now, you’re going to put on your weight, and then in this case, like I said, I have a half-ounce weight, and you want to loop that through, then loop her through again, and just pull it taut. Now, you’re going to take your five-ott hook, you can go ahead and tie your hook right on the end. And, you want to make an improved clench knot, and this is going to hold that just right. Now, you want to set the depth, which is the important part. Now, this bead stop is actually adjustable. If you just pull it just slightly, with easy tension you can pull it up to the depth that you want. But, if you pull it hard, it will stop, so that’s the point of it. General rule for catfishing is usually to fish within a five to 15-foot area, 15 foot of water. That’s how deep you want to fish, five to 15 feet of water. And, you want to start at just at your chest line. That’s how deep you want to fish for catfish. My name is David Perkins, from “Journey The Outdoors” on YouTube, and this is how deep to fish for catfish. Keep fishing!


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