How to Fish With Chicken Liver

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The bait that you use will be very important to your overall success as a fisherman. Fish with chicken liver with help from an experienced fisherman in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: How to Catch Catfish
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is David Perkins from Journey the Outdoors, and today I"m going to show you how to fish with chicken liver. First, we're going to let out a little bit of our tag line and then, we're going to put on this little bobber stop. Which, it's just a little small rubber bobber stop, maybe around a medium sized bead, that I'm gonna put right on the line and I'm going to do a double loop. So, I threaded it through one time. I'm gonna thread it through, again, a second time. And, then, once I thread it through that second time, I'm going to pull it through the first loop, that way it will lock that line in there. And, then I'm gonna adjust it to the length that I would like, and pull it tight and that's gonna stop that bead from moving. Now, I'm going to go ahead and put on my egg sinker, which, today, we're using a two pound, or a two ounce egg sinker, and just thread that through. Now, it slides up and down the line, just like that. And, that's to allow the line, when the catfish takes the bite, they're going to pull the line and that's gonna go straight to the rod tip. So, they don't feel the weight of the weight there, the egg sinker, because if they do feel the line, they will let go. So, now I'm gonna tie this tag line directly to my barrel swivel. And, then, I'm going to go ahead and tie a simple clench knot, which is tying circles along the main line, about three to six times, then, take the tag in and go through the loop, and then go back through the second loop that you just made. And, then, pull it tight. That's gonna set the line. Now, you can trim that tag line off. Dentist's don't like that. And, then, you're gonna go ahead and put the chicken liver right on. And, that's what I'm gonna do now. And, then, I'm going to hook it on each one of the three hooks on the treble-hook. And, that's gonna make sure that it secures my chicken liver very well. Now, you wanna use fresh chicken liver as fresh chicken liver has a nice firmness to the liver, itself. If you freeze it, then it will make it very brittle and it won't hold on to the hook. Alright, now, we're gonna go ahead and just cast this line out and wait. There's a fish. Got a fish on. Got a fish on. Yep, there's one. And, that's how you catch catfish on chicken liver.


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