Easy Candle-Making from Scratch

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Easy candle-making from scratch will require vinyl gloves, dyes and some wicks, among other tools. Find out about easy candle-making from scratch with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josette Redwolf, and today we're in beautiful Key Largo, Florida at the Art Box. Today we're teaching you how to do easy candle making from scratch. Here is a few things that you're going to need. First off you need vinyl gloves or any type of surgical gloves to keep the dyes and the oils and the hot wax off of your skin. The next thing you're going to want is a glass. Since we're going to be making a smoothie candle today. You're going to need your wicks. I use zinc core wicks. It makes for a nice even burn. You're going to need your dyes. We're going to use two different colors so that we have contrast. Today I am using burgundy and orange. We also need your fragrances that you're going to use. Today I am using strawberry and peach. Then you're going to need something to get your gel wax out of the pot with. You've got to make sure that it's microwave safe. Also you're going to need a metal pot like this to be able to pull your paraffin wax out of the turkey roaster with. You also need a whisk. Also we're going to be using our embeds today. Embeds can be anything from sand and shells all the way to the fruits that look and smell like the real fruit. Well let's get started. We're going to get in to the gel. And you're going to pour just a little bit. Not too much because all we're doing is making a pretty design within the glass. So we're going to start off with putting in a little bit of strawberry in to the gel. You don't want to put in very much because you have very little so maybe just a slight squeeze out of your fragrance bottle. Maybe no more than a tablespoon. And then you're able to get from the manufacturer's little squeeze bottles for your dyes and that's probably a better idea for many of you starting out. I'm pretty good at squeezing the dye out of the bottles just by itself. That's perfect the way that it is so we're going to take our glass and you're going to tilt it and you're going to pour slightly and then you're just going to go back and forth and tilt this glass in your hand because you're going to want to make a beautiful design. We're going to get our sterilite container which is dishwasher safe and we're going to pull out enough wax that should be just enough and pour it in. And set that off to the side. So we're got our orange dye and I'm going to put probably about four drops in this and I'm going to check it to make sure that this is the color that we want. OK now that we have this done, we put in our Georgia peach fragrance. We used about a third of an ounce to every pound and we have this nice and whisked to a smoothie consistency. We're going to put our wick in the bottom. Now we're going to pour it in to our glass like this. So you want to hold your wick up so that it stays directly in the middle. Pour it all the way up. So what we're going to do is we're going to take a nice big strawberry and stick it in. And what else do we have in here. We have peach, right so we're going to take our peaches. Beautiful smoothie, easy candle making from scratch.


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