How to Fade Scars Naturally

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You can fade scars naturally using a really simple recipe using ingredients like calendula and comfrey leaf. Fade scars naturally with help from an experienced skin care professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Regina, here at RD Alchemy Natural Products. And, in this video I’m going to show you how to fade scars naturally. So, all of us have some sort of scars, whether it’s from our childhood or if it’s a blemish scar, which is really common. And, in this recipe it’s going to show you just how to make a really simple mixture that you can go ahead and apply a couple times either throughout the day, or throughout the week, that’s going to help to slowly, over time, fade those scars and make them look less apparent. So, what you’re going to first start off with is, just get yourself a bowl, and you’re going to first put in a tea blend mixture of calendula and comfrey leaf. And, this tea blend mixture is really great for helping rejuvenate skin cells and helping to repair any kind of old wounds. Calendula is also known as marigold, and comfrey’s also known as knitbone. And, both of those are really, really prominent in any kind of wound healing or scar kind of situation. So, you’ve made up your tea, and you’re going to add two teaspoons of your tea blend into your bowl. If you go over a little bit, it’s fine. Then you’re going to add another teaspoon of lemon juice – and, you can use pure lemon juice like I’m using here, or even out of the little lemon juice bottle you can buy at the shop. But, I prefer the natural, pure stuff. And, the reason why I put lemon juice is, this has alpha hydroxyl acids in there that are going to help to exfoliate the skin, but also to help fade scars. It also has Vitamin C, which is really important for helping to fade scars and making the skin glow. Then, you’re going to add one teaspoon of Vitamin E oil – and, a lot of us know and have worked with Vitamin E before, but we know it to be a really great antioxidant, also really great for helping to rejuvenate the skin, and also help with overall moisturization and rejuvenation properties, and antioxidant. Then, you’re going to do one teaspoon of rose hip seed oil. If you can’t find rose hip seed oil, you can use any other vegetable oil. But, I prefer rose hip seed oil in this one, because it’s really also good for helping to rejuvenate the skin, regenerate skin cell structure, and thereby help with fading your scars. So, you’re going to add that there. And then, all you need to do after that is add a quarter-cup of aloe vera gel. If you can’t find the gel, you can use the juice, but the gel’s going to make it, of course, a little thicker, and give it a little bit more of an overall gel type of texture and feel through it. Put that in. And then, lastly, you’re going to just put in 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Lavender pure essential oil is really great also for helping to rejuvenate skin tone and texture, and skin structure. So, that’s about a half a dropper full, is 20 drops. Put that in, and then all you need to do is blend. Blend that together. And, your component’s going to be kind of like a thin gel. What I like to do with this one is, get yourself a small bottle with a cap, and then pour in your mixture right into that bottle. So, once you’re done pouring it in, just cap it up. And, the way you can apply it is you’re just going to shake it up right before use, turn it over and put it on a cotton ball, and then run it all over where that scar is at. And then, you can apply this one to two times a day. The more often you do it, the better. The one thing is, is whenever you use this, you want to make sure that you put a sunscreen over it if you do apply and then go out to the sun. The lemon juice in there is not really something that you want to mix with sun exposure. So, with this treatment gel, you can keep it in the refrigerator for about one to two weeks. And, it’s really going to be wonderful for helping to fade any kind of persistent blemish scar, any other scar that’s due from an old wound or injury. And, that’s how to fade scars naturally.


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