Natural Remedy for Saggy Stomach Skin

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If you've got saggy stomach skin, the problem may have came about from being pregnant or losing weight too quickly. Find out about a great natural remedy for saggy stomach skin with help from an experienced skin care professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Regina, Owner and Chemist here at RD Alchemy Natural Products. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to make a natural remedy for saggy stomach skin. So, a lot of us have saggy stomach skin whether it'd be from having a couple of babies or maybe from losing weight too quickly. So, we want something that's going to help tighten and firm that area. And now, I'm going to show you just a real simple way to make a really neat mask that's going to help to tighten and firm saggy stomach skin. So, what you're going to start off with is some witch hazel extract; you're also going to need some coffee, then some vegetable oil and in this one, I'm using avocado oil, but you can really use anything that you want, any kind of moisturizing oil. Then, you're also going to need some green or black tea. I prefer black tea; they usually work a little bit better for helping to tighten and firm, and then also some clay. In this case, I'm using Red Moroccan clay, which is a really great detoxifying and strengthening and tightening type of clay. You can use any other clay that you choose; if you wanted to use Bentonite, that's a nice one or any other healing clay. So, what you'll start off with is a cup of your clay; so you're going to start by pouring in your clay, this is about a cup here. After that, you're going to add a quarter cup of your black or green tea, and this going to measure it out, just pour it all in. Then, you're going to do one teaspoon of your vegetable oil. This is a great way to moisturize the skin, 'cause you want to moisturize the area; that's also going to help it tighten and firm. And then one teaspoon of your coffee. Now, the tea and the coffee that we're adding, we're adding that specifically because the tea and coffee has tannins and caffeine in there and the tannins and caffeine are what's going to help tighten and tone and firm that saggy stomach skin. They work by shrinking the cell structure. And with witch hazel extract, that's also a natural astringent. Now, I'm going to be putting in one teaspoon of my witch hazel extract in there too. So, once you're done adding your ingredients, you're just going to mix it altogether and you're going to repeat mixing until the clay is all hydrated together, and it's going to form into kind of like a pasty peanut buttery type of ball. If it's a little thick, if you need a little more, you can always add a little more of your coffee or your tea, if you don't have any of that left, you can always add a little bit of water too. Depending on your clay, it will change the way that it swells and firms up. Some clays swell up quite a bit with just a little bit of liquid and some won't need too much at all. I'm just going to add a little bit more, just so I can get the kind of consistency. So, depending on the clay you're using, you're going to want to keep mixing it until it's this nice type of peanut buttery type of consistency here. So, you can see there it's almost like you're mixing clay. So, once you're done mixing all your ingredients together and you end up with this peanut butter type of consistency, you're going to apply it to your stomach area once or twice a day in a thin layer. Let it dry for about 15/20 minutes and then rinse. The more often you apply it and the longer you apply it for, the more it's going to have its chance to tighten and firm your saggy stomach skin. And that's how you make a natural remedy for saggy stomach skin.


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