Recipes for a Home Remedy for Age Spot Remover

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If you've got an age spot, one of the key ingredients that you're going to have to work with is apple cider vinegar. Get recipes for a home remedy for age spots ith help from an experienced skin care professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Regina, Owner and Chemist here at RD Alchemy Natural Products, and in this video I'm going to how you how to make a recipe for a home remedy for age spot remover. So, what you first going to need to start off with is some apple cider vinegar; I prefer apple cider vinegar over regular white vinegar because you want all the wonderful ingredients from the apples in the and particularly the malic acid is really going to be great for helping to dissolve and fade that age spot. Then, you're also going to need some aloe vera gel, some lemons and then orange and then if you can get it, some Frankincense essential oil; not the fragrance oil, but the pure essential oil. So, with this recipe, it's really simple; you're going to do a quarter, I'm sorry a half a cup of aloe vera gel, you're going to pour that into your container. The gel's great 'cause not only is it moisturizer, it's going to act as our base, giving it kind of a thickness and a gel type of consistency. You're going to pour that in, you're then going to do a tablespoon of your apple cider vinegar and remember with the vinegar, we want it because of the alpha-hydroxy acid in there and then also the malic acid in there. You're going to then do also a tablespoon of lemon juice. So, go ahead and just squeeze that in. And a lemon juice is important for they alpha hydroxy acids also, that one has particularly in it called citric acid; that one's also really great for not only exfoliating the skin, but also helping to fade the dark spot, the age spots. And then it also has Vitamin C in it; so the Vitamin C is going to be great for also helping to fade that age spot. Same thing with the orange juice. So, we're doing also a tablespoon of orange juice, pure orange juice. And this one also has that Vitamin C, but it also has some of the alpha-hydroxy acid in there. We'll put that in and then if you do have the Frankincense essential oil; now, this essential oil is particularly great for helping to fade those age spots. Now, normally you'd put about 10 drops in there. I'm just going to use my spoon and then just put in about little less than a quarter of a tablespoon in there. Then, all you're going to do is mix it up and you can either leave it in the, in the bowl here and store it with some clear plastic wrap or aluminum foil in the refrigerator for about one to two weeks. But, I usually prefer to take my mixture which is the thin gel right now and pour it into a bottle with a cap on it. And then, whenever you're ready, you're just going to shake the bottle up, turn it over onto a cotton ball and apply that onto the age spot, preferably about one to two times per day, if not, you can do it even longer or more often if you like. And in about one to two weeks, you should notice your age spot starting to fade. And that's a recipe for a home remedy for an age spot remover.


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