How to Even Out Self-Tanner

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Evening out self tanner will help give your skin a better, more even appearance. Learn how to even out self tanner with help from an expert on beauty and style in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm skin care expert Tracy O'Connor, and today I'm going to share with you you how to lessen dark spots and reduce acne scars. So for most of us, the goal is healthy, clear skin. And when you're plagued by spots or marks, whether it's from the sun or post-inflammatory response due to acne scarring, I think most of us just want to brighten that pigmentation, lighten those spots, and find a product that really is going to deliver the result that we're looking for, and that is clear, healthy, even-toned skin. On Eden, I'm going to use the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution by Kiehl's. And this does have vitamin C, and it's also combined and formulated with white birch extract. So it makes it for a even more effective brightening agent. Now for the effective use of a serum like this, you want to apply three or four drops. And you want to use this both AM and PM, after exfoliating or after cleansing the skin. I'm just working that product all over my fingertips in the palm of my hand, then I'm going to place the product all over the face. Now you can use a product like this just to spot treat, if you have any stubborn marks, but I like to brighten the entire complexion, and so I apply the serum all over the skin. And I just kind of gently work the serum into the skin using a tapping and rolling motion with my fingers. Vitamin C is the main active ingredient, and this is a very active vitamin C, so you will see results. It will brighten that pigmentation. And how it works, formulated with the white birch extract, is to renew the dead skin cells, and sort of reveal fresher, healthier cells. So, on our epidermis, this is where the dark pigmentation lies. So what we want to do is shed those cells more quickly, and then bring the younger, healthier pigment-free cells to the surface. And the active ingredients in this concentrate help to restore skin density. So, that's something that will help to prevent and protect your skin against future sun damage. The more moisturized your skin is, the healthier the barrier function will be. And that will help to prevent future sun damage. And finally, a couple more tips to facilitate the reversal of discoloration in the skin. Use an exfoliant once a week. Something with glycolic acid, or possibly papaya or pumpkin enzymes. And always wear a sunscreen. When you create a beautiful canvas like this with your products, you want to protect and prevent future spots from forming. And there you go. That's how to lessen dark spots, and reduce acne scars. I'm Tracy O'Connor, thanks for watching.


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