How to Exfoliate Your Face Naturally for Oily & Dry Skin

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Exfoliating your face naturally for oily and dry skin is something you can do right at home. Exfoliate your face naturally for oily and dry skin with help from an expert on beauty and style in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm skin care expert, Tracy O'Connor and today I'm going to share with you how to exfoliate your skin naturally for dry or oily skin. Now whatever your skin type, whether it be dry or oily or combination, it's important to choose an exfoliant that has an ingredient that will help to slough off the dead skin cells but do that naturally and gently. I love to look for an exfoliant that has botanical ingredients such as Vitamin C or alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids. So let's get started. I'm going to use the Photo Age Deep Action Exfoliating cleanser by Kiehl's. We're going to start by dampening Crissa's skin. Now at home it's a good idea to use an exfoliating cleanser in the shower because the steam is going to help to soften the dead skin cells and help the exfoliant to sweep those dead skin cells away. Now this exfoliant has round spherical micro beads and you always want to choose an exfoliant that has little micro beads like this because the round beads will be gentle, they won't be abrasive. You never want to choose an exfoliant that is crushed nuts or crushed seeds because those can have kind of jagged edges and the jagged edges can cause micro lacerations in the skin leaving the skin vulnerable to bacteria and other external elements. You can see I'm just gently massaging, very very gently massaging the exfoliant in an upward and outward motion and you don't want to go above the orbital bone. You want to stay just beneath that. You want to make sure to get in the chin right here where we tend to have congestion and clogged pores and also in the T zone. Active Vitamin C speeds cellular turnover so it's going to brighten and lighten the complexion. Additionally it's going to prevent future aging because it's an antioxidant and antioxidants fight free radicals and free radicals are what's responsible for the premature aging caused by extrinsic factors such as the sun, stress. You want to exfoliate for a myriad of reasons. Obviously it will help to get rid of the dead skin cells but it will also overall brighten the complexion. Ingredients like the Vitamin C in here as well as the plum extract, work on discolorations and whenever you're revealing fresher, healthier skin and you're speeding cellular turnover you're going to get rid of that discoloration that's living on those surface skin cells and so you will have more even skin tone and a more even texture. Now we're just going to take the exfoliant off now and the botanical ingredients combined with light reflecting minerals, are going to leave the skin vibrant and luminous, softer to the touch. That's what you want out of an exfoliant, you do not want your skin to be red and inflamed afterwards. I think some people scrub very hard trying to get rid of the dead skin, get rid of congestion, clear out the pores, get rid of acne but when you scrub hard whether you use a washcloth or you use an exfoliant that's harsh, that's just going to damage your skin. You don't want to damage the skin. You want to gently remove the skin cells and gently remove the dirt and debris out of the pore. So not only will an exfoliant leave your skin soft and smoother to the touch with clearer and cleaner pores but it will also prepare your skin for any kind of a treatment product to follow. Now one final tip, always follow your exfoliation with a moisturizer. A moisturizer will help to restore the healthy barrier function of your skin. And that is how to exfoliate your skin naturally for oily or dry skin. I'm Tracy O'Connor. Thanks for watching.


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