How to Reduce the Appearance of Pimples Without Makeup

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Reducing the appearance of pimples doesn't have to require makeup if you don't want it to. Learn how to reduce the appearance of pimples without makeup with help from an expert on beauty and style in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm skin care expert Tracy O'Connor, and today I'm going to show you how to reduce the appearance of pimples without makeup. So for those of you who are prone to blemishes and breakouts, find a product that does three things. Number one, treats the current blemish. Number two, helps to fade any marks that the blemish leaves behind, and number three, fights and prevents future breakouts. So we're going to use the Photo-age High Potency Spot Treatment by Kiehl's. Now this is designed to be used just on a spot, or all over the face, depending on what your skin type is like. You just need a little bit, and we're going to dab the product onto Genevieve's clean skin. You just need a little bit, and I like to dab the product, and then work the product into the skin very gently. You don't want to irritate any blemishes. And then you would follow with your moisturizer. Now if Genevieve had any other marks or scarring, we'll pretend she does, she has gorgeous freckles, but say she had some blemishes and marks that were a result of scarring, or even sun damage, a product like this is effective for that. You can just go ahead and apply the product in a very very light layer all over the skin, being careful to avoid the eye area. And just working the product gently into the skin, and massaging it into the skin. You want the product to penetrate. So it's important to gently massage and work it into the skin. And this product does three things. It will help to fight the current blemish that's on her face, because it has salicylic acid, and a salicylic acid is designed to delve into the pour, break apart and kill the bacteria, in addition to getting rid of the superficial dead skin cells that are clogging the pore and causing breakout. So it will also prevent future breakouts from forming. And two other great ingredients, licorice extract and mulberry extract, brighten and lighten pigmentation, as well as decrease melanin production. Whatever you do, consistency is key. Be sure to use a product like this both AM and PM. And that is how to reduce the appearance of pimples without makeup. I'm Tracy O'Connor, thanks for watching.


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