How to Deep Condition African-American Hair

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Deep conditioning African-American hair only requires you to follow a few basic, easy to manage steps. Find out how to deep condition African-American hair with help from a hair professional in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm celebrity hairstylist Darico Jackson and today I'm going to show you how to deep condition African American hair. So, when you're choosing the right conditioner for dry African American hair, you must first identify your curl type. Secondly, you want to know the condition of the hair, and most importantly how to apply it so that you can have the most effective conditioning treatment that you can get. So, to identify Cheray's curl type I'm going to use Mazani Natural Curl Key. The Natural Curl Key is fun because it's kind of like a bible of hair that has all the textures in here. So, Cheray is a type five, because her hair has, you can stretch it out and it has minimal return. That usually identifies a type five. It's also a little drier on the ends. Because it's a type five, it becomes a little frizzier faster as you can see, so you kind of lose a little of the definition. So, it's important to go back and recondition it the ends to the scalp, so that you can repair that moisture and get that curl back in to the hair. So, African American hair has a tendency to be a little dry anyway, and then curly hair is also dry because that oil that your body produces naturally doesn't get an opportunity to make it past the knuckle of the curl. It kind of get caught up in there. So, you wan to choose a product that's going to be moisturizing especially to the ends and you want one that is, that has natural oils so that your body has an ability to use it. Also stay away from silicones, because silicones keep the oil from absorbing in to the hair and it's going to prevent the hair from getting the moisture that it needs. So, to recondition Cheray's hair, today I'm going to use the Mazani Supreme Oil Mask. The Supreme Oil Mask is a great mask to use for extremely dry hair because it has avocado oil, argon oil and shay butter which are all great things for penetrating and moisturizing curly hair. So, after the hair has been shampooed and towel dried, you want to go through and separate the hair and just kind of divide it. When you have a lot of hair like this, you want to try to get as much of it out of the way so that you can work it through in smaller sections. So, I'm just going to ahead and divide her hair with my hands. And it's really simple. The parts doesn't have to be really straight when you're doing it. But you just want to get some of the hair out of the way for control, so you can see where you're going to put the conditioner. You don't necessarily have to have clips, but they are nice to have. See, because it's kind of like having an extension of your hands. It gives you three extra hands if you will. So, you want to take probably about a dime size or a quarter size I guess that would be, like maybe quarter size emulsified in your hands, and that just means to stretch it out, warm it up. And then you're going to go in, and remember I was saying you're going to go in and get all of the hair? You want to get it down at the scalp as well as on the hair. So, you want to moisturize the scalp as well because the scalp is just as important as the hair. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and then you want to work it all the way through the strand. So, you're going to go through and you're layering the product. So, you want to take small sections and go in and apply at section by section just to make sure that the conditioner is evenly distributed over all of the strands. Because you don't want to miss any. You might end up with some inconsistent curl pattern. What's great about this product is as you can see the curl is starting to restore itself instantly. This product is very quick, because it's light and because again, it has absorbing oil, so it goes right to the problem and works on it. And this happens in about three to five minutes, the hair is conditioned. So, you don't have to put it under the dryer because it has penetrating oils and as you can see, her curl is starting to come back, especially like right here where I started. And the reason why it's working so fast, is because it has no silicone in it. A lot of product that have silicone, conditioners that have silicones and minerals, it kind of stops the conditioner and the conditioning process because it stops it from absorbing down in to the hair. And as you can see this one is absorbing very very fast. So, Cheray's hair is natural, but also you want to definitely go in and deep condition here, that is chemically treated. Because it's going to be a little bit more porous. So, you're trying to restore the moisture and the protein content in that hair, so that the hair is less porous, has more elasticity and is shiny and healthy and bouncy. Now we have the conditioner all layered in there and you can feel the difference. And one you want to do as you're going in there, start to feel where you need the conditioner, because you can feel the hair start to relax and start to get conditioning, conditioned and feel soft as you go along. So, that way you'll know if you need to add a little bit more product. We're going to leave it on for three to five minutes, rinse it out, style it and show you the results. So we finished Cheray's styling, well I'm sorry. So, we finished, so, I keep saying so. I won't say, so. We finished the styling process. Cheray's hair is nice, done and blown. We conditioned it back to health. It's shiny. Look at it. It reflects off the light. It's bouncy. Shake it Charay. It's wonderful. And that's how you deep condition African American hair. I'm Darico Jackson. Thanks for watching.


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