How to Apply Eye Makeup for Deep Set Eyes

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When applying eyeshadow you're going to want to consider a few specific things. Apply eye makeup for deep set eyes with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Taylor Babaian; I'm a Celebrity Makeup Artist and today, I'm going to show you how to apply eye makeup for deep set eyes. So, one of the things to consider when you're applying makeup to deep set eyes, which I love to do, one of my favorites, is to make sure that the base of your lid stays neutral and that all your darker colors stay around your lash line. So, I love using eye shadows on deep set eyes. Today, I'm going to use L' Oreal Paris Studio Secret Eye Shadow Quads. So, you definitely want to keep neutral or light colors in the deepest part of the eye; just like, generally right in here is where is the deepest, all the way down to the lash line. So, I'm just going to use a medium size brush, kind of tapping it to support colors that are too dark. I'm choosing kind of like a light bronze; but, you can use golds, opals are great; just make sure that it's lighter or kind of like the same color as your natural skin tone. So, let's say you kind of want to do a little bit more of a smokier look which can be very typical on deep set eyes. What you want to do is you just want to make sure that the darker colors stay closest to lash line. Right now, I'm just basically taking the same eye shadow I use on top lid and running it on the bottom. I'll use a little bit of that gold highlight just right in the inner corner, just to brighten it up, add a little brightness to the eyes. Now, I'm going to use a little bit of dark brown liner and I'm using brown 'cause I don't want it to be too dark especially with her beautiful green eyes. If you have darker skin, obviously you can use the black liner. And again, anytime you're using darker colors, just avoid going too far away from the lash line. Also, another thing that's great about deep set eyes is you can really concentrate on the ends. Again, we're focusing our attention on the outer corners, this really brings the attention to the outer corners is what's going to make the eyes more deep set. So, we've finished applying the eye shadow and the eyeliner on both eyes. Again, we use a neutral shade just at the base on the lid and then along the bottom lash line and then of course with our liner accentuated the outer corners of the eyes. Another thing I really love to do with deep set eyes is to curl the lashes, that way it really just creates a nice pretty finish especially when you're using a neutral shade, it actually gives it a little extra oomph on the lids. Now, for deep set eyes, when you're choosing a lash curler, really consider the shape of the lash curler and make sure that it has a nice round metal. Now, I'm curling at the base of the lash; Coleen has straighter lashes, which actually what I'm going to do. So, you want to curl at the base and if you're new to curling lashes, you know, just take your time. Now, we're just going to use a little bit of mascara. It's really going to bring out the femininity in the eyes; just makes the eyes look prettier, softer and very much silk-finished. Again, we're just kind of keeping it clean at the top of the, around the base of the lid. Okay, so I've applied a couple of coats of mascara to the top lashes and then a little bit to the lower lash line. Now, I'm just going to wing out my eyes just a little bit more because sometimes like after you put on the mascara you realize there can be a little something extra extra here, just really bring those eyes out, just to add something a little bit more fun, kind of bringing out the angle at a forty five degree angle. I love this technique 'cause it really it does lift the eye but it also elongates it so that you have some stretch on the outside. Okay, so we finished our eye shadow application on our deep set eye; so with deep set eyes, the main thing that you want to consider is to make sure that you have that light color in that deeper area of the lid and it can be, the darkest probably would be the neutral which is closest to the natural skin tone color. And then of course focusing the darker colors on the outside corners of the eyes as well as along the lash line. So, anytime if you want to do that smoky look, you can do it; you just want to make sure that you focus those darker colors around the lash line and no further out in that. And then, finish off with a pretty mascara and you're done. So, there you go, that's how you apply eye makeup for deep set eyes; my name is Taylor Babaian, thanks for watching.


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