How to Protect Your Nails so They Grow Faster

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Protecting your nails and taking care of them will help them grow much faster than normal. Protect your nails so they grow faster with help from a beauty and makeup professional in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carla Kay, Celebrity Manicurist. Today, I'm going to show you how to protect your nails so they grow faster. A base coat helps nails grow faster because it works as a armor on top of the nail. It protects the nails. There's ingredients in there that nourish the nail bed and we need this even if we have no polish, apply a base coat because this works as a, a shield to protect you against then environment. I'm going to use the base coat Grow Faster by Essie. So, I'm going to use this base coat, this is going to protect the nails, it's going to give you an armor, it's going to shield the nails from cracking or splitting. It's really important to use the base coat; it works not only as a primer for your nail color, but it feeds the nail with nourishment and ingredients that you need to avoid them from the breaking and the cracking and splitting. So, this is a great choice, if you have brittle nails, cracking nails or thin nails; the base coat will add flexibility which is very important. If you have nothing on nails, your nails would tend to crack or split even more and it's really important to have that flexibility by using a base coat. You should apply a base coat, if you're not wearing a color coat, every other day. This will just help feed the nail, keep it strong, keep it from cracking or breaking. It's almost like a split end of a hair; if you don't cut that split end, it's just going to keep going. So, with your nails, you want to file the edges, make sure you're rounding it off, keeping it nice and smooth and adding the base coat every other day will help them grow quicker as well. A few additional tips for healthy nails, applying a cuticle oil everyday if you need it, every other day, adds moisture, helps the nails from cracking the skin; adding moisture, adding the base coat every other day, all of these things are going to help your nails look healthy and grow faster. And that's how to protect your nails to grow faster. I'm Carla Kay, thanks for watching.


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