How to Put Spiral Curls in African-American Hair

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Putting spiral curls in your hair can be accomplished using one of two distinct ways. Put spiral curls in your hair with help from a celebrity hairstylist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle O'Connor, celebrity hairstylist and today I'm going to show you how to put spiral curl in African-American hair. So in spiraling African-American hair, there's two ways you can do it. It can be done on straight hair such as in the case of Morgan or you can do it on curly hair to enhance the curl. There's also size selection as you can see I have two different barrel sizes. One is large and one is significantly smaller. Before I demonstrate how to use the curling wand, you want to make sure that as usual, as always, you protect the hair. One of the things you want the hair to do is to hold. Spiral curl is only a spiral because it takes on that shape and it's distinct so you want the curl to have a hold but you also want it to have buoyancy. So the product I'm going to use today is In control by Mizani. I choose this because it allows me to have a workable hold. It allows me to comb through that curl if I choose so, to separate that curl for added volume, added dimension. You can spray the hair in two different ways. You can either spray the entire head of hair, misting very gently around the entire head or you can go in if you really want a little bit more hold, you can spray each section as you go along. I'm going to start with my first section and I also prefer a smaller curl which is why I'm going to choose this tinier rod. I really like to see that added definition. I want those curls to really be tighter. All I'm doing is placing the rod at the top base of the hair and very easily winding the hair around in a rotation, continuing all the way down to the ends until I can't wrap any more hair. You can use a glove if you are nervous about touching the wand or you can just be very careful and make sure that your fingers are not touching the heat of that curling rod, hold it for a couple seconds and then release and you can see you have your very first spiral right there. Taking another section, placing the wand again at the base and winding the hair around until I get to the ends of her hair. You want to hold it there for a couple of seconds, I would say about five, five seconds, you can then release and there you have it, a spiral curl. If you want your curl to be a little bit tighter and a little bit more crisp, you would hold it around the wand a little big longer. As I said before, you're just winding it around, winding it around until you get to the ends. Notice that my fingers are not touching the wand, you hold it, hold it, hold it, keep in mind that we want this to be a little bit tighter than the previous spiral that you saw. So now I'm going to release and you're going to see that this curl is going to be distinctly more spirally, a little bit tighter, a little bit more buoyant than the previous one and you're going to continue that around the duration of the head. I love to take them and separate them in twos or even threes because this is going to create the volume that you'd like to see. So here you have it, I'm finishing my last spiral piece. As you can see that there's a lot of volume going on. There's two steps to get to the stage that you see it now. So I'm separating it by twos, even threes and then we're going t go in to create that added volume, that va va voom that you see, going right underneath it and cushioning it down at the base, packing it down there, defining that curl along the way, checking. That for you would mean looking in the mirror, make sure everything is balanced, make sure it's proportional and there you have it, spiral curls that are soft. You can also take a finishing spray and just lightly mist over the entire style and there you so, that's how you do spiral curls in African-American hair. I'm Michelle O'Connor and thanks for watching.


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