What Color Eye Shadow Complements Blue-Green Eyes With Brown Hair?

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Certain colors of eyeshadow are great for complimenting blue-green eyes with brown hair. Learn what color eyeshadow compliments blue-green eyes with brown hair with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist, and today I'm going to show you what eye shadow color complements blue-green eyes with brown hair. I'm going to begin with the Color Design Palette by Lancome in Mint Julie. And now the inspiration for this palette came directly from Ingrid's beautiful blue-green eyes. I'm going to start with that color this is the inspiration and then use the browns and the golds to complement and further intensify the color of her eyes. So I'm going to begin with the mint shade. I'm going to use this from lash to brow. And I have already prepped her eye with the eye makeup primer. So this shadow is gliding on so easily and smoothly and it will wear longer as well. You can already see the freshness in the way her eye is just beautifully set off by this color. I'm going to take this dark color here, this mink color put it right at the lash line all the way across. And I'm working it up, blending it in because this is a complementary color it's going to help intensify her eye color. And then right above that I'm going to come in with this metallic champagne color and I'm going to put that in the center of her eye to get a nice brightness. I know this isn't a typical way to use this palette but if you break the rules right you can break the rules. Why not? And for our final touch I'm going to take this gorgeous teal color at the bottom of the palette and then gently right along that lash line. And I think I'd like to smoke it out a little bit more so I'm going to add liner under her eye as well. This color is picking up the blue-green in her eyes so spectacularly. So I've completed the look. This is a genius way to play up Ingrid's eyes with the dark hair and her fair skin, and piercing blue-green eyes. And that's what eye shadow color complements blue-green eyes and brown hair. I'm Kendra Richards thanks for watching.


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