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Makeup styles, like fashion, are never truly "done" - new ideas are popping up all the time. Get cool new eye makeup ideas with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist, and today I'm going to show you a fresh new eye makeup look. I'm going to show you a beautiful wash of colors in golds and bronzes completely around the eye that has a darker gradation that starts at the lash and moves out to the brow and I'm going to use the Color Design Palette in canary chic by Lancome. So this is the palette I'm going to be working with. These are gorgeous bold, look at that gold color and bronze. I'm going to be giving her a very dramatic sunburst effect with these colors. So I'm going to begin with the base color that I'm going to apply completely around her eye. That adds a nice little shimmer to the eye area. I'm going to use this under the eye as well. It adds a brightness and I'm taking it right into the center corners also to give that pop right in the inner corner. It gives a bright effect to the eye. It's so beautiful and in doing this base color as well it's going to help the blendability of the colors that I add on top of it. So I love the effect but there's a strategy behind it as well. So next I'm going to go with this gold color and to make sure that I get the most drama from it I'm going to apply this wet. So I'm going to do a little spray of water on the brush, here we go. So I'm going to apply this over the entire eyelid to get the most intense color. Now this color that I'm using on her is so on trend right now and it might be a color that you'd feel a little fearful to use but you really shouldn't be. It is bold, it's really beautiful and very flattering. And if you really want a bold look you carry that color up all the way to just under the brow. So now in order to get it this color, just a little bit more subtle, I'm using it dry, not wet. So there's a little distinction between the gold that's right under her brow and the more intense gold that's on her eyelid. I'm going to now put this underneath her eye as well, go ahead and look all the way up, and I'm going to start at the outer edge and move in. Now this I'm not applying wet, so it will be a little bit softer under the eye. So the next step is I'm going to take this bronze color and I'm going to apply that from the lash base up. And you can see a little bit of the color is falling off under her lashes. I'm not so concerned about that because usually what I do is I start the eyes first before I even do a foundation and then I clean up any falloff on the face and then apply the foundation. So you can see the different colors now, the gradation is starting to happen more and more now. You've got that medium tone, that lighter, brighter gold yellow. So now I'm going to use this rust shade, the liner shade in the palette right at the base and I'm going to blend that up a little bit, turn your head this way. And what I'm doing here is creating an ombre effect and I'm going to duplicate this on the bottom of her lashes as well. Okay, I'm going to have you go ahead and open and look up. I'm coming back to that medium shade and I'm going down under her eye, I'm going to turn you just a little bit, there we go. And I'm just gently placing that under her eye, that delicate skin under the eye, you want to be real careful not to rub too hard since we're going back multiple times. Now I'm going to use the angle brush at the other end of this brush in the liner to now get a very deliberate line under the eye with this darkest liner color. And I'm just placing it just gently in right, tucking it right up at the lash line. Then I'm going to focus most of that color on the outer edge and then the slightest little bit on the inner. There we go, the inner corner of the eye right there. There you go. So now I'm going to take the yellow and I'm going to blend a little bit more and I'll be finished. And the addition of that yellow really helps the halo effect and for a touch of brightening I'm going to use this pink in the inner corner, there we go. That helps tie in all the colors together and go ahead and look all the way up, great, beautiful. Well I've finished the look and one of the key tips to remember for this look is to blend very well. And there you have a fresh new eye makeup look. I'm Kendra Richards. Thanks for watching.


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