What Color Makeup Will Look Good With My Skin Tone

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Certain makeup colors are better than others when it comes to complementing the tone of your skin. Find out what color makeup will look good with your skin tone with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Paul, celebrity makeup artist. Today, I'm going to show you what color makeup would look good on your skin tone. When choosing a foundation, you want to find something that has the same type of undertones you do and what undertones are are the qualities of your skin whether it's pink or golden, you might have more of one or the other. So with Tracy we can see actually a perfect balance of both. She's got a lot of golden colors and a lot of pink tones. It's a nice balance of both, she'll be right in the middle. Depending on your look you could choose something more golden or more pink. When looking at undertones, you can also check the eye color to also see where the skin might lie. For instance Tracy has golden and red tones in the eye so I know that's another key for me to find out undertones in the skin which might be golden or more pink. So I know with Tracy I can choose a foundation that is right in the middle. So today for a foundation, I'm going to choose Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline. In choosing a foundation to find the undertone, you can hold it against your neck or the inner of your arm to see the skin tone. You can see that this foundation I have here balances all the golden tones in Tracy's skin. This foundation is beautiful with color but it's a little bit too deep. It has too much saturation of color. This would be good when she is a little bit paler, more lighter because more of the pink tones would come out but because it's Summer, she has a little bit more color in her skin. After you've made an estimated guess of what foundation would be great, best to make a little swipe on the skin to see if you like it. You take your foundation brush or you can put a little bit onto your hand and then check and see if you like the color. The key places to put it are maybe down by the jaw, maybe up by the hairline or even on top of the cheekbone. The reason for that is because these are the areas that will show the foundation the most. Without blending it in, I can see that this matches her skin here, here and here. You could also try a little bit on the neck and you can see without blending it, the foundation diminishes right into the skin so I know I've made a good choice. Now I go ahead and I blend the rest of the foundation all over the face keeping it sheer, light and blended. So after you've blended the foundation into all the key areas, you can see that it really adds a nice highlight and sheen to Tracy's skin. Some of the things to know when you're putting on foundation, say it doesn't match, say you choose a color that's deeper than your skin tone, this is what it would look like. It will stand out. See how that swatch of color does not blend in and I haven't even blended it yet. You can see that the tones are much golder than her skin and are much darker than both her face and her neck. That's what you do when you're matching your foundation to your skin tone. Check the undertones, make sure they go with your neck, your face, so that they blend one into the other and a good thing to know is sometimes people buy two. Summertime you get darker, more deeper tones, more richer, more saturation of color. You can get a deeper darker foundation for warmer months. The lighter one is good for the rest of the time of the year. That's how you choose what color makeup will look good for your skin tone. I'm Jeffrey Paul. Thank you for watching.


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