How Do I Do Make Up Like a Model

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Doing your makeup like a model doesn't require you to actually be one. Do makeup like a model with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Spencer Barnes celebrity makeup artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to do makeup like a model. Often, I find inspiration for my celebrity clients from the runways. I look to fashion because often designers will use one feature. They'll capitalize on one feature to create a look. Lets see that today with our model here. I'm going to use the Color Sensational Lipstain by Maybelline. Notice it's like a marker more of like a stain. I'm going to just start by softly brushing onto the lips. For this it's a quick drying product that's more of a lip stain. So I work quickly and have, have the model blot her lips together as I apply the product. You may have noticed before I started her lips I began with a little concealer and foundation, and light powder. And just a touch of mascara. To finish the look I'm going to slightly contour her eye with neutral shades and finish the cheek with just a little bit of color. That way it's finished but we've kept the emphasis on the lip. Just applying a neutral shadow to the lid. It's got a little bit of sheen so it catches the light but it's nothing that's bright or colored. Just a soft neutral kind of a beigey peach color. Blending it across the lid. Then taking a smaller brush I'm going to use a soft bronzer as a little bit of liner at the lash line. Again, subtle, nothing too intense, just to give a little more depth at the lash line. Last I'm going to use a pale shimmery tone under her brow bone just to give a little bit of a highlight. And I'm going to use a little bit of this cheek color just to pop the top of the cheek. Again keeping it very subtle and balanced. Letting the lip take the stage on this one. And that is how you do makeup like a model. I'm Spencer Barnes and thank you for joining me.


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