How to Keep Your Hair Looking Wet & Curly All Day

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You can keep your hair looking wet and curly all day by using a few tricks that are employed by professionals. Keep your hair looking wet and curly all day with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jenny Balding, professional hair stylist. Today I'm going to show you how you can keep your hair wet and curly all day. So this is a great look if you're in a hurry in the morning, or you're going out at night, and you just want something that's going to be quick and effective, but also is going to give your curls shine and definition also. The only tools that you'll need today is a wide-toothed comb. I'm going to use a curl enhancing cream, which is Curl Wise 14 by Redken, and then I'm also going to use Glass 01, which is a smoothing serum, which will really help to add shine. So Chloe's hair, her hair is already wet just now, so I'm going to use the curl enhancing cream from roots to ends all the way over this one section to show you how to apply. It's really important that you work from roots right down to the ends, because especially around the hair line area, that's where the hair will get frizzy, and this is where you really want to make sure you're smoothing it. Just working your way up, you can just take finger, use your fingers to section off, it doesn't need to be tidy, you just really want to make sure you get into the roots, and then right down to the ends. So you can use a quarter-sized amount of the curling cream, and then maybe just a drop of just the serum, because a little bit of the serum will go a long way. So once the product is in your hair take your wide-toothed comb and just make sure you evenly comb all the way through, 'cause you really want make sure that product is covering every single strand, otherwise you're going to get areas that are going to go dry and frizzy. So to achieve this look, make sure that you just section off with your fingers, take inch like sections, and go in the way that the direction of where the curl is going. So this is curling into her face, so I'm going to lightly twist and leave. Again take your next section right behind. Really simple. Doesn't have to be really tidy. You just need to make sure you're defining that curl, and this is how you're going to achieve that. So using this method, you're actually going to give it a really define curl as an end result. So this is why it's important to cover each strand with the product, and to take into consideration every strand that you're working with from roots to ends here, because as you twist, when this dries in naturally, when you shake it out, it's going to be a really nice defined shiny curl. So I'm going to do this throughout the rest of her head, and then we're going to let her air dry, and then I will show you the end result. So Chloe's hair is now air dried. As you can see it's got a really nice defined look in the curl, it's really shiny too, and that really helped with adding the serum through there. And if you need to shake out a little bit, always do it from just underneath, not through the top, so that way you wont get it frizzy. And this is how you keep hair looking wet and curly throughout the day. I'm Jenny Balding, and thank you for watching.


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