Step-by-Step, Simple Updos for Medium-Length Hair

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Medium length hair naturally lends itself to a wide variety of simple updo hairstyles. Get step-by-step directions for simple updos for medium length hair with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jenny Balding, professional hairstylist. I'm going to show you a simple updo to do a medium length hair. So the look we're going to do today is actually a low disheveled shingle, just off to one side and I'm going to show you how really easy that is. It's just three simple steps. So the tools I suggest that you use for todays look just to keep it really easy and simple for you are small French hair pins, large French hair pins, small and large finishing brush in an oval shape, usually a boar bristle is best, also a light hairspray and a small clear elastic. So I'm going to start today by actually getting a little bit of extra body in Shalea's hair. As you can see her hair is fine to medium textured, so just, it will collapse a little bit at the roots so a great trick is to actually just do a little light back brushing and the difference is you're not actually back combing or teasing the hair, you're actually literally just back brushing at the roots, very very lightly and this is just going to give it a slight bit of hold so when you do just take it back over, it's going to have a little extra grip there at the root area. So I'm going to just back brush very lightly throughout the root area especially at this front area through here. I've already done a little at the crown so I just want to add a little bit around her hairline. This way it's very easy to brush out right afterwards without damaging the hair, taking medium sections you do not need to take clean sections. You just really want to just take in a little bit of volume at the root area. You're not trying to make it perfect because the whole point of this look is a slightly disheveled, very easy to do one yourself. So once we've finished back brushing through the roots of the hair I'm now going to mist a really light spray all over just to give it a little bit of hold. You don't want the hair stiff at all, you really want touchable hair and you still want that disheveled look. So I'm going to use Redken Fashion Work 12, it's perfect for this. It's great for just misting on just to hold any of the back brushing that you've done through there and it just gives it a little bit more grip onto the hair. So now we've added some texture with our spray. I'm now going to take you onto the three easy steps to complete this look. So I'm just going to take her hair with my fingers not using a brush, very important. You don't want to make this look absolutely perfect, you still want to keep a casualness to it. So I'm going to take it into a low slung ponytail, just off to one side just using your fingers to rake through very carefully and if you have like a clear elastic, it's ideal for this. Just gently bring it round. You don't need to make it very tight you just need to make sure it's just out some. Now a little good trick for this to kind of get a little bit of extra volume through here, take the back of the ponytail, just two pieces here and just pull it and this way this will lift up through here and you'll create already a little bit of extra movement through that top area of the crown. So my next step is we're actually going to take the hair and we're just going to brush it very lightly but again we're going to use that technique that I was using called back brushing and we're just very lightly to fan out the ends of the hair, especially if your hair is a little bit shorter, a bit finer, this creates a thickness to the tail of the hair which makes it much easier and fills out your chignon and just give it a very light spray and all you're going to do is now twist this around, holding your finger at the base, you can twist around, take one of your large pins and it's very important when you use these pins to anchor them in is to put it in the hair and slide it in, bring it around and then anchor it right in. This way it will secure the hair really well. I'm just going to keep working round, just using maybe three or four of these pins because I really don't want it to look like it's absolutely perfect. I want to keep a little more of a disheveled look to it using some of the small pins also just to fine tune some of the pieces through here and also use your fingers as well, don't worry, it's meant to be loose. It's meant to be fun. It's not meant to be tight and perfect through there. Alright so you can see already this has created a really nice shape through that back area. I'm going to finish by working through this front area. So here is the finished look. As you can see I just pulled a few pieces out through the front and then just very lightly pinned them back. So you've just got nothing hanging round the face too much but kept it very, like I said, low disheveled, loose, it's so easy to do because there's nothing perfect meant to be about it. So if it gets a little bit messy it's fine, put another bit in here, pull a little bit out here and there. And as you can see, it just really kind of brings it into a nice little sculpture but it's still very soft also. Once we have created the look for the day I would like to just finish with just a little bit of the light mist of spray because now you've got this really soft disheveled look, when you mist a spray, it's just to give an extra bit of hold and you're not gluing it together. So all your flyaways can just be slightly off the face. And there we go, this is our simple updo for medium length hair. I'm Jenny Balding and thank you for watching.


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