How to Make African-American Relaxed Hair to Look Naturally Curly

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Turning relaxed hair into natural-looking curly hair isn't nearly as difficult as you may think. Make African American relaxed hair to curly hair with help from a celebrity hair stylist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle O'Connor, celebrity hairstylist. Today, I'm going to show you how to make relaxed African-American hair look naturally curly. So today, we're going to start with the tools that you're going to need to create this style. We're going to need a gel. We're going to need to use flexi rod, have a comb on hand as well as some type of a clip, a duck bill clip works perfectly. The gel I'll be using today is Mizani Pure Style. We're going to start off sectioning the hair. Today Jen is opting to go for a curly style that has a side part. So we're going to start with our parting about an inch and a half thick, keep in mind that we're just going to twist the hair to create that naturally curly look. The gel will help us because what we're looking for is the ability to pull that twist out without the hair being very stiff and flaking. Jen's hair is relaxed and so we really don't need to over saturate the hair with product. We really just want the hair to mold into that twist pattern which is going to mimic curly hair. So, using just a drop. I'm emulsifying it. I'm running it through the hair and then we'll start our twist. This is unlike a braid in the fact that it's just two pieces as opposed to three. So we're going to take the hair and overlap them over each other, picking up new hair as we go along and we continue on that double strand twist until we get to the ends of her hair. Because the hair is relaxed, the ends won't just stay together so it's important to add some type of a curling rod. It could be a perm rod. It could be a flexi rod and now I'm going to wrap the hair around and roll the hair up on itself all the way up and then we're going to close it and this secures it, prevents it from unraveling and there you have our finished first twist. You'll continue on in this same fashion throughout the entire head of hair until you have twisted everything, bring it all the way down to the nape of the neck and at this point your twist will be off of the scalp and you continue on until you get all the way to the bottom. You see I haven't changed my pattern or changed what I've done. It's just off the scalp at this point and as you can see, we've taken out all the rest of them so you can already see where the curl and the natural look has come into play. At this point to create more volume, you can shake your head up. Keep in mind that this is relaxed hair that we're trying to look like voluminous natural curls. She went from very very straight and basically with curls you're really not looking for a definitive part. You're just really looking for that very voluminous wild free flirty healthy and shiny looking hair and that is what we've been able to achieve. That's how you get relaxed African-American hair to look naturally curly. I'm Michelle O'Connor, and thanks for watching.


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