How to Apply the Eyeshadow for Your Eye Type

Foundation for your eye is designed to be applied in a very specific way. Learn how to apply the eyeshadow for your eye with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Hello I'm Spencer Barnes, celebrity makeup artist. Today I'm going to show you how to apply eye shadow for your eye type. So let's talk a little bit about eye geometry and focus on Jean Louise's eyes. So the biggest key to deciding how to place your eye makeup is by looking at the structure of the eye. First of all if we were to draw an invisible line through the corner of your eyebrow straight through your nostril, your eyebrow should begin right above the nose. So we have a vertical line this way and then if you were to take that line and put it this way, the arch of the brow should naturally fall on the outer edge of the pupil if there were an invisible line from the corner of the nostril straight up and then the eyebrow and general eye shape should end if you drew that same line from the corner of the nostril all the way to the eyebrow from the corner of the eye to the eyebrow. If you follow those principles you'll know more exactly where to place color to create dimension and shape. To demonstrate proper eye shadow placement, I will be using the Eye Studio Color Plush by Maybelline. So as a general rule we'll use light colors to bring the eye forward, to open it up, to make it brighter and dark colors will help intensify, deepen, or bring the eye back. Shadowing colors are great for creases and lash lines and lighter colors are highlighting like under the arch of the brow, the inner corner or right on the lid close to the lash line. So I'm going to show you using this light pale color how to highlighter her eye from the inside corner. I want to keep her eyes open so I don't want to get too dark in this area here. So I'm going to use a light pale shadow with a little bit of a reflective property to highlight this inner corner of her eye. We'll do the same thing over here, a light eye shadow in the inner corner of her eye will help to open it and keep it from appearing closed off. Next I'll use this soft kind of peachy pink color right on the lid of her eye. It has a slightly reflective property and you'll find that shadows that do have a little bit of iridescence or reflectiveness will also catch the light and can help create dimension. So I'm placing this peachy pink color right on her lid, blending outward. It has a little bit of reflectiveness but not a lot so it will help create some dimension. This dark bronze-y color I'm going to go to a deeper color now, I'm going to put right on this outer part of her eye and closer to her lash line and I'm also going to follow it a little bit upward. Remember that geometry we talked about, that angle? We don't want to go out or down too far so we'll keep that general line in mind as we do this to help improve the shape of her eye and follow it on its natural structure. Now let's just suppose that your eyes are a little bit closed or a little diminished or maybe you don't have you know, a lot of light in that area, maybe they're really deep, a great tip for that is to put a light colored shadow in that inner part of the eye because it will really help pull that forward and out and also open the eye and give it the illusion of going out, especially if you pair a darker shadow on the outer part of the eye, will it give the appearance of the eyes being wider set. Now the reverse would be true if you wanted to make your eyes look, bring them in a little bit you could intensify this. Maybe you have a very shallow bridge and you want to make your eyes have more structure. You could come in with a deep or a medium deep color and shade this and suddenly you're bringing the focus inward, simple as that. Now if you don't have a very defined crease, maybe you have fine lines and wrinkles or texture in that area of the eye, I would avoid using a shimmering shadow because that's only going to draw light and accentuate that. Instead I recommend using a matte powdered shadow for your shading in those areas. And now that I've finished her eyes, let's take a minute and just look how beautiful they are. They really pop out and are defined now. You know, generally speaking when I'm looking at a woman's face I start by choosing her eye colors and picking the eye shadows because it's one of the most beautiful and powerful features you can bring to life. And that is how to apply eye shadow for your eye type. I'm Spencer Barnes and thank you for watching.

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